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  • Eden Pro Greenhouse Heater
  • Eden Pro Greenhouse Heater
  • Eden Pro Greenhouse Heater
  • Eden Pro Greenhouse Heater
  • Eden Pro Greenhouse Heater
  • Eden Pro Greenhouse Heater

Eden Pro Greenhouse Heater 4.2kW

Lifestyle Appliances
  • Robust Steel Outer Casing
  • 4kW Heating Capacity
  • Easy To Start Piezo Ignition
  • Built-In Thermostat
  • Ideal For Spaces Up To 200 sq ft
  • Gas Hose & Regulator Included
  • Optional Changeover Valve Available
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£162.29 (inc VAT)
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4.2kW Heat Output: This heater can vastly improve the quality of the environment, making it ideal for cultivating a greater range of plants, vegetables, and crops.

Built-in Thermostat: Control propagation climates within the range of 7℃ to 32℃ with this versatile gas-powered greenhouse heater. Conveniently thermostatically controlled, these 4.2kW heaters have a temperature readout accurate to within 3℃.

Stainless Steel Construction: Can withstand substantial, regular and continuous use, the stainless steel construction is rust-resistant, hard-wearing and can endure the changing temperatures and humid conditions.

Piezo Ignition: The electric ignition is easy to use for beginners and allows for quick and convenient pilot lighting with minimum gas consumption.

Integrated ODS: The oxygen depletion system safety valve is designed to detect is oxygen levels drop too low.

Flame Failure Device: This ensures the gas supply is shut off if any of the burners fail or the cabinet falls over.

Auto Changeover (Optional): This allows for continued operation when one gas tank runs out of fuel, as the changeover device will automatically switch the supply over to a second connected gas tank.


High Performance Gas Greenhouse Heater

Reliable heating for greenhouses and large spaces

The Eden Pro is the ideal heater for your greenhouse, capable of working effectively within spaces of up to 200 sq.ft. It is a 4.2kW gas heater that helps to ensure the best quality climate possible for your plants, crops, and vegetables. A thermostat allows for the accurate control of temperature. You never have to be without the heater running so you can ensure consistency and the best possible quality of environment for propagation. There is an expansive temperature range of 7℃ to 32℃ to create the appropriate conditions for local or more tropical horticulture. An optional automatic changeover device is available as an extra accessory. This allows for continued operation when one gas tank funs out of fuel. The changeover device will automatically switch the supply over to a second connected gas tank, so that there is no down time and a drop in temperature. You can add this to your order using the tick box above.

Robust & Durable Gas Heater

Ideal for greenhouse conditions

The stainless steel cabinet of this resilient gas heater makes it ideal for use in the diverse environments created within greenhouses. Built to be long-lasting with regular and continuous use, these greenhouse heaters are resistant to rust, and function perfectly within humid conditions. These greenhouse heaters look great too. The simple design is traditional - it is handsome enough look smart and tidy, and fits in with your greenhouse without being unsightly.

Safe & Reliable Heaters

CE certified with intuitive safety features

The Eden Pro is fully CE certified - it meets standards for quality that you can trust. The Piezo ignition is reliable, quick and easy to start, and allows for lower gas consumption. An oxygen depletion system safety valve and flame failure device are both included. These safety features cut off the gas supply if a low level of oxygen is detected, if the cabinet is toppled over, or any of the burners should fail. This way, you can safely leave the heater on during the night or if you’re out for the day.

Eden Pro Greenhouse Heater

Order online or over the phone for direct delivery

These industrious greenhouse gas heaters are excellent for a wide range of greenhouses. Whether you’re just starting with a new hobby or are experienced in cultivation, an Eden Pro greenhouse heater is sure to improve your setup. You can order online or over the phone with our friendly, personal service, and direct delivery can be arranged as soon as possible.

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Some assembly required
Hose & clip on regulator included
Heat output: 4.2 kW
Temperature range: 7°C – 32°C
Gas type: Propane
Dimensions: Width: 36cms | Depth : 13cms | Height: 48.5cms
Box dimensions: Width: 19cms | Depth: 45cms | Height: 42cms
Weight: 5kg

Optional Automatic Changeover Device:
ACR6 2 pack change over valve
Non return valve complete with 2 Pigtails, mounting bracket and 1/2" test Point, safety plac and screws with rawl plugs.

What's In The Box

- 4.2kW Eden Pro Greenhouse Heater
- Hose & clip on regulator

Customer Reviews

Fantastic little heater

Was looking for ages for a heater of this type. Cracking piece of kit. I've got a few of these dotted around our commercial greenhouses now, they're quiet, not too thirsty and do exactly what we need. Would certainly recommend to anybody looking for some autumn/winter heat and keep the frost off.

Bill Dodds

durable and efficient

Top service and product, arrived fast - what more could I ask for?

mitchell walsh

Low cost for high quality

Very professional, pleasure ordering from you as always



Freda Packer

Very pleased

San Gould


maxwell moll

10/10 service

Mr Coyle

Rapid delivery

The boss is well pleased with this, works great, brilliant value for money

Allan Lambert

Prompty delivered

hugh perkins



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