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  • Small Space Heater Package (Master Indirect)
  • Small Space Heater Package (Master Indirect)
  • Small Space Heater Package (Master Indirect)
  • Small Space Heater Package (Master Indirect)
  • Small Space Heater Package (Master Indirect)
  • Small Space Heater Package (Master Indirect)
  • Small Space Heater Package (Master Indirect)
  • Small Space Heater Package (Master Indirect)
  • Small Space Heater Package (Master Indirect)
  • Small Space Heater Package (Master Indirect)
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Small Space Heater Package (Master Indirect)

  • 68,280BTU/hr Portable Indirect Heater
  • Great Value Package Deal
  • Optional Rain Cover & Thermostat
  • Runs on Diesel, Kerosene or HVO
  • Idea For Small Workshops & Marquees
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Rapid Delivery
3 Year Warranty
£1,479.41 (inc VAT)
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Excellent Value Package Deal: Master BV77 20kW indirect space heater, ducting adaptor, ducting, diffuser, flue pipe, rain cowl and thermostat at a cheaper price than buying them individually, and with free delivery.

Clean Hot Air: Air is drawn into the heater from the rear by the internal fan. It is heated as it passes over a heat exchanger. The combustion by-products remain within the heat exchanger and are exhausted via the flue. This ensures only clean, fume free warm air is blown out of the front of the heater and into the space through the ducting, making it ideal for heating enclosed spaces safely.

Tough Build Quality: Designed to perform in challenging areas, including construction sites, workshops, warehouses, agriculture, events and more.

High Quality Features: Thermally protected motor, three oil filters (oil pump filter, suction filter and inlet filter), electronic flame control with photocell, stainless steel combustion chamber, oil tank with level indicator and diagnostic LED help to ensure reliable, effective and safe performance.

Trolley Mounted Design: Large wheels and a handle make the heater easy to transport, position and re-position when required on site.

Thermostat Control: The thermostat allows you set set a required temperature and it will switch the heater on and off as required in order to maintain the set temperature. This saves fuel and adds extra convenience.

Overheat Thermostat: Shuts down the heater automatically if it overheats, to prevent accidents.

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Master 20kW Indirect Oil Fired Heater Package

Everything you need at a great price!

This small heater package gives you a Master BV77 20kW indirect fired space heater, along with a range of accessories, at a discounted price! Included in this package deal is everything you need to heat a range of enclosed spaces such as marquees, halls and workshops at a reduced price compared to purchasing each product separately. Indirect fired space heaters are specifically designed for heating enclosed spaces with little ventilation, as they have a flue system which expels the fumes produced during combustion and they use lengths of ducting to direct only safe, fume-free warm air into the space. This small indirect heater package is perfect for heating marquees, halls, warehouses, workshops, construction sites, events and more.

Master BV77DV Indirect Fired Diesel Heater

Tough. Robust. Effective.

Master are renowned for producing high quality space heaters and the BV77DV is no exception to this. These dual voltage space heaters are made in Italy and they are packed with a range of features that ensure effective heating, long lasting performance and product safety. They have a tough stainless steel combustion chamber, a 36 litre fuel tank, heat exchanger, three oil filters (oil pump filter, suction filter and inlet filter), electronic flame control with photocell and a powerful, efficient fan. These high quality features help to ensure that the space is heated effectively, and that the heater runs smoothly and efficiently - even over long periods of use. The fan in these space heaters is much more efficient than the fans in competitor heaters of this size, allowing the Master BV77DV to push out the warm air much further, for more effective heating. An overheat thermostat and a diagnostic LED help to ensure maximum heater safety, as the heater will automatically shut down if an issue is detected. The heater is supported by a manufacturer’s 3 year warranty and service kits & spare parts are readily available - so you can rest assured that these indirect space heaters are designed to last. The BV77DV is also highly portable, as it is mounted on a durable trolley frame which allows it to be wheeled around a site wherever it is required.

Fantastic Range Of Accessories Included

Ready to use out of the box

The key advantage of this Master space heater package deal is that it gives you everything you need to set the heater up and warm up a range of spaces, straight out of the box, at a great price. Along with the Master BV77DV space heater, this package deal includes a length of PVC ducting that allows you to direct the heat where it is required, and a soft grid diffuser that fits on to the end of the ducting to act as a vent outlet for the warm air. The ducting for these heaters features a unique zip connection design, which allows you to simply zip lengths of ducting together to create longer lengths of ducting. It also allows you to attach the soft grid diffuser easily on to the end of the ducting. You can choose which length of ducting you would like in the package - either 3m or 7.6m. Simply use the drop down menu above to select the ducting length that you require. The package also comes with a ducting adaptor which allows you to fix the ducting to the heater, the flue and a rain cowl to protect the flue from rain water, and a thermostat with 10m of cable. The thermostat allows you to effectively control the output of the heater, so you can warm the space to the ideal level for your comfort.

Accessory Upgrades Available

Optional digital thermostats & rain covers

The standard thermostats that come as part of our Master space heater packages are robust, analogue thermostats. As an optional upgrade, you can choose to replace the analogue model with a digital thermostat. The Master digital thermostats provide you with more control of your climate settings. They are highly recommended for spaces where a precise temperature is required. Master digital thermostats are accurate within 0.1℃ and have a vast working range between -10℃ and 70℃. The bright, readable display is capable of an accurate readout between -30℃ and 100℃. You can select to include a rain cover to your package. These rain covers are durable and practical as they provide protection for your heaters when they are in storage or when they are not being used. They can also be used while the heater is in operation to ensure the equipment is shielded from downfall when in use outside of a space such as a marquee, construction yard, or farmhouse. You can also add an optional heater service kit to your order. This kit supplies you with parts to be replace during an annual heater service - including a fuel filter, nozzle and electrodes - to keep your heat in top working order for years to come.

FREE Delivery!

Everything you need delivered to your door at no extra cost

We offer these indirect space heater packages with free delivery to UK mainland addresses! This provides fantastic value for money and helps you to make even greater savings. Our Master space heaters and the included accessories are high quality industry standard pieces of heating equipment, ideal for construction companies, marquee hire companies, events companies, individuals with workshops and much more. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our indirect heater packages, simply contact our team via online live chat or telephone.


Master BV77DV Heater Specifications
Heat Output: 20kW / 71,700 Btu
Air Flow: 1500m³/h
Fuel Tank Capacity: 36L
Fuel Consumption: 2l/h
Fuel Autonomy: 19h
Electric Power: 0.3kW
Rated Current: 1.5A
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 1130 x 380 x 660
Weight: 33kg
Voltage: Dual Voltage 110v / 230v


What's In The Box

Included in package:
1 x Master BV77DV 20kW Dual Voltage Indirect Oil Fired Heater
1 x 3m or 7.6m Ducting
1 x Ducting Adaptor
1 x Soft Grid Diffuser
1 x Thermostat
1 x Flue
1 x Rain Cowl
FREE Delivery (Mainland UK)

Customer Reviews

The Small package by Master Heating

its a very compact heater, much smaller than I was expecting but the heat its banging out is truly shocking! im glad i didnt pay extra for the medium, the guys here know what they are on about !!

Mr Holder

master space heater - 20kw

delivery was quick, the heater was packaged very well and nothing was missing.
the bv77 is very easy to use and starts up the first time every time.
I use red diesel, the economy is excellent and I love how this heater can throw the heat over 7 meters, EVERYTHING else can only manage 2 or 3 meters because they lack good quality fans,
even came with a 3-year warranty
i dont have a bad thing to say about this heater 5 Stars

Mr Brazendale

Marquee Heater - BV77DV

Purchase to heat my 7m x 7m Marquee for events
We already have one of these heaters so know it's up to the task.
The thermostat is a must, works brilliant, we keep the marquee at 19degree and heater turns on and off as it needs too, nobody can see, hear or smell it it's brilliant

chris turrell

Makes a difference

this is exactly what ive been looking for, wouldnt recommend anwhere else! Arrived quick too Very professional, pleasure ordering from you as always

Markus Blakeway


No nonsense, straight forward communication and fast delivery - really pleased Sturdy and amazing value for money, as well as fast delivery

garth ianniello

Easy to use

Better quality than any others I've had before! Fast delivery too, robust product

Bob Padian

Top quality as always

Very pleased with how quickly it arrived, just what we needed

Tarik Eustaquio

5 stars without a doubt

Long lasting and hard wearing, definitely not any old tat, very happy

Miss Systems

Upstanding quality

Tomothy Clawson



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