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Cabinet Heater Packages

We have some of the best cabinet heater package deals available for brands such as Acortherm and Thermobile. Whether you need to warm a school, church, hospital, gym, factory, warehouse, or any other large open space, we have the right package suitable for all applications and budgets.

Cabinet Heater Packages

Industrial space heater deals

National Heater Shops has the best cabinet heater package deals available from leading manufacturers like Arcotherm and Thermobile.

Designed to give you everything you need to heat a school, church, hospital, gym, factory, warehouse or any other large, open space, each package includes a powerful cabinet heater and other accessories such as a full flue kit with all the components required. This means that you can set up the equipment and have it running as soon as you receive your order.

Cabinet heaters are modern and efficient heating solutions for all kind of industrial spaces. They are ideal for demanding areas thanks to their large fuel tanks and offer an excellent output, providing clean heat to the room while the exhaust fumes are removed from the space separately via the flue.

Choose the Arcotherm Vertigo Cabinet Heater with Flue Kit – Diesel Oil (18kW).

We also have a range of cabinet heaters that burn bio-oil, such as rapeseed oil and certain vegetable oils, instead of diesel to produce heat. These space heaters are a cost-effective and more environmentally friendly heating solution.

Ranging from Thermobile BioEnergy 3 Cabinet Heater (Package Deal), which is a plug-and-play cabinet heater with 59kW heat output, to the Thermobile BioEnergy 1 Cabinet Heater (Package Deal), which has a heat capacity of 27kW. Both offer a cost-effective solution to using biofuel to heat workshops, warehouses, factories and more.

What's more - all of our cabinet heater packages come with FREE delivery to UK mainland addresses.