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  • Sealey VEN250 Portable Ventilator Fan with 5m Ducting 230v
  • Sealey VEN250 Portable Ventilator Fan with 5m Ducting 230v
  • Sealey VEN250 Portable Ventilator Fan with 5m Ducting 230v
  • Sealey VEN250 Portable Ventilator Fan with 5m Ducting 230v

Sealey VEN250 Portable Ventilator Fan with 5m Ducting 230v 2,700 m³/hr

  • 2,700³/hr Max. Airflow
  • 3-Pin Plug & 2-Metre Cable
  • High-Volume Clean Air Delivery
  • 5-Metre Ducting Included
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Ideal For Hot/Fume Laden Areas
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Great Ventilation: The Sealey VEN250 Portable Ventilator Fan has a maximum airflow of 2,700m³/h, which is ideal for ventilating hot or fume laden work spaces, fostering a cleaner and more comfortable working environment.

Diverse Usage: The Sealey fan suits a wide range of applications, including but not limited to marine, workshops, cable/pipe ducts, roof spaces and construction sites.

Ducting Available & Supplied: The ventilator fan comes a 5-metre duct, which plays a vital part in fresh air delivery or fume removal from a work site. An optional ducting of 10 metres is available but not supplied. 

Excellent Portability: Weighing only 14.9kg, the VEN250 is extremely portable alongside its sturdy, easy-grip handle. Therefore, it is effortless to change the direction of the air flow according to your needs.

Reasonable Operating Noise: The unit operates at an unnoticeably low noise level at 66dB, which is ideal for different working environments as it won't cause any distraction to the staff. 

3-Pin Plug: You can use the fan in any standard electrical outlet with the plug. It is safer than the 2-pin one as the amount of power that can flow through the circuit is limited.

2-Metre Cable: The cable provides flexibility in terms of placement and distance from the power source, which reduces the risk of electrical accidents.


Sealey VEN250 Portable Ventilator Fan

Efficient ventilator fan supplied with 5m ducting

The Sealey VEN250 Portable Ventilator Fan provides the perfect solution for high-volume ventilation needs. With a maximum airflow of 2,700m³/h, it efficiently ventilates hot or fume-laden workspaces, improving air quality and enhancing overall comfort for workers. This versatile air mover/ventilator is suitable for a diverse range of applications, including marine, workshops, cable/pipe ducts, roof spaces and construction sites. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for any environment where high-volume clean air delivery is required.

The VEN250 is designed with portability in mind, featuring a lightweight construction and a large, easy-grip handle for effortless transportation. With a weight of 14.9kg, it can be effortlessly moved to direct the airflow as required. The unit also comes equipped with a 2-metre cable, offering flexibility in placement and reducing the risk of electrical accidents. Furthermore, the VEN250 operates at a reasonable noise level of 66dB, making it suitable for use in various working environments without causing any distractions for the staff.

The ventilator fan is supplied with a 5-metre duct, which is crucial for the delivery of fresh air or removal of fumes from the work site. In addition, a 10-metre optional ducting is available, although not supplied. The supplied ducting is compatible with products from other leading manufacturers that feature a diameter of 250mm. The fan also features a 3-pin plug, which can be used with any standard electrical outlet. This type of plug is considered safer than the 2-pin alternative as it limits the amount of power that can flow through the circuit.


Airflow: 2700m³/hr(1589cfm) - 45m³/min
Fan Diameter: Ø250mm
Fan Speed: 2800rpm
IP Rating: IP55
Maximum Airflow: 2700m³/hr(1589cfm) - 45m³/min
Net Weight: 14.9kg
Noise Level: 66db(A)
Power: 300W
Replacement Parts: VEN250AK1/VEN250AK2
Overall Efficiency (n): 42.8%
Measurement Category: C
Efficiency Category: Static
Efficiency Grade: 40
Static Pressure: 3mbar
Supply: 230v
Weight (without ducting): 11.2kg

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