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Blog: How to Keep Cool While Working in Hot Weather

Working In Hot Weather How To Keep Cool
18 Apr 2023

Working in hot weather can be challenging and uncomfortable. Imagine being forced to stay at home for the whole day with poor ventilation and no cooling equipment on a hot summer day. Isn't it a nightmare? If one has to work in a workplace similar to this one, it can only be worse. In addition to longer sunlight and cosier conditions in spring and summer, it indicates an increase in temperature, to which we should all pay close attention, particularly in the workplace. High temperatures or stuffiness at work can cause serious consequences if they are not attended to carefully. It is important to take the necessary precautions to keep cool and prevent heat-related illnesses.

Consequences Of Working In The Heat

As the sun stops hiding and the weather is getting better, it's a sign of something that we have been longing for - warm weather! However, the sun can be deterring on a summer afternoon. Apart from skin problems arising from exposure to sunlight, there are more concerning problems with working outdoors at high temperatures. Heat stress is more likely to happen when the air is humid and still and there is prolonged exposure to direct heat radiation. It increases exhaustion and could put additional pressure on the cardiovascular system, resulting in symptoms like an inability to concentrate, dizziness, a rapid pulse and clammy skin. If it gets worse, heat stroke may develop and could result in hot, dry skin and consequently death.

On the other hand, rising temperatures make it more likely that people will become fatigued, which raises the risk of accidents when working indoors as well. As the temperature goes up, people sweat even when they don't move. This makes them more stressed, less able to focus and more likely to make mistakes. In terms of manual work, high heat might contribute to dehydration and potential heat stress. Working in excessive heat, whether indoors or outdoors, can be uncomfortable and undoubtedly increase the risk of accidents and injuries. Not only does it have a huge impact on productivity, but it also jeopardises one's physical health. 

What The Law Says

According to the law, employers are legally obligated to provide a safe and healthy work environment. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations state that employers must provide a reasonable indoor temperature for their workplace, taking into account the nature of the work and environmental conditions. The Approved Code of Practice on the regulation recommends a minimum indoor working temperature of 16°C, or 13°C if the work involves demanding physical activity.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations require reasonable indoor temperatures on construction sites, and outdoor sites must supply protection against adverse weather. Furthermore, the temperature of the site's rest areas must be regulated.

Our Solutions

There are a few different approaches to coping with the heat in the workplace. One affordable way to reduce direct heat and glare is to shade windows and keep blinds, shutters and curtains closed. Besides, it's worth considering insulation for buildings, as it can help keep heat out in the summer and retain heat in the winter. To help combat high temperatures, it's also helpful to offer free chilly drinks or a stable supply of water at work to keep employees hydrated and allow for extra breaks, preferably in cooler areas, if the work involves rigorous physical demands. Another measure that can be taken is relaxing formal dress codes or removing the requirement to wear heavy uniforms where possible.

On top of those, a once-and-for-all measure is to make sure that your workplace is equipped with good cooling effects and ventilation. To permanently address the issue, it is necessary to install air conditioning units in offices and site rest facilities. By installing air conditioning systems or providing cooling fans to ensure a comfortable working environment, especially during hot weather conditions, you can accomplish good ventilation by having a steady flow of refrigerated, filtered air. At National Heater Shops, we stock an extensive range of high-performance and cost-effective cooling equipment. Below are a few ideas for cooling solutions in the workplace.

1. Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioning units are a convenient and easy way to cool any room without the need for complex or expensive installation. They can be easily transported from one room to another, making them ideal for business applications like shops, offices, workshops and even site rest facilities. By using these 'plug and play' air conditioning units, you can quickly create a comfortable work environment. Moreover, some models even have air purifying capabilities to improve the quality of the air you breathe. Available in a variety of sizes and with features such as thermostats, remote controls and WiFi connectivity, portable air conditioners are an excellent option for anyone looking for a hassle-free solution to workplace heat.

Our Suggestion:

i. Prem-I-Air EH1920 Portable Air Conditioner 230v

• 1.4kW / 4,779 BTU Cooling Output
• Effective Area Up To 8-12m² 
• 3-in-1 Air Conditioning, Dehumidifier & Fan Functions

Expert Says: The Prem-I-Air EH1920 is a highly mobile 3-in-1 air conditioner with an extremely low noise level of 52dB and a programmable 24-hour timer.

ii. Igenix IG9907 3-in-1 7000BTU Portable Air Conditioner 230v

• 2kW / 6,828 BTU Cooling Output
• Effective Area Up To 15m²
• A-Rated Energy Efficiency

Expert Says: The Igenix IG9907 3-in-1 unit offers excellent energy efficiency and effective coverage for offices and rest areas.

2. Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning Units

Wall-mounted or wall split air conditioning units are an excellent choice to deal with workplace heat thanks to their efficient, cost-effective and flexible cooling capabilities. They can be conveniently installed at various heights on walls, making them suitable for commercial use in places such as offices, hotels, restaurants and bars. Many current models are equipped with an air-source heat pump, enabling them to provide climate control throughout the year. With advanced inverter compressor technology and environmentally friendly refrigerants like R290, R410A, and R32, they can deliver energy-efficient and quiet cooling performance. Additionally, some models feature smart electronic controls for user convenience. For instance, you can get access to several units simultaneously from a single location via your local WiFi network and adjust the settings with reference to work hours so you can maintain a comfortable work environment while keeping running costs low. A wide variety of them, including wall-mounted air conditioners, wall split units, mini-systems, packaged terminal air conditioners (PTAC) and ductless units, is available at National Heater Shops.

Our Suggestion:

i. Powrmatic Vision Compact 2.3 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump

• 2.3kW / 7,852 BTU Cooling Output
• Compact Design (Only 810mm Wide)
• 4 Different Controls Including WiFi

Expert Says: Measuring only 810mm wide and operating at 27-41dB with A+ energy efficiency, the Powrmatic Vision Compact is the ultimate convenient PTAC for every workplace. Its compact size and energy efficiency make it an ideal choice for small businesses and offices.

ii. Powrmatic Vision 3.1 DW/H Air Conditioner with 1kW Heater

• 3.1kW / 10,583 BTU Cooling Output
• Additional Built-In 1kW Heater
• No F-Gas Certificate Required

Expert Says: The Powrmatic Vision 3.1 DW/H has an extra heater to maintain its heating performance despite extremely low outdoor temperatures. Easy installation and minimal disruption to your space make it a cost-effective year-round climate solution.

3. Evaporative Air Coolers

Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, supply cool, humid air and add moisture to the air in hot and dry areas to create a comfortable environment. The extra water absorbs heat from the surroundings and evaporates, which results in a reduction in temperature. The cooler air is then circulated via an internal fan. These machines are perfect for use in well-ventilated indoor and outdoor spaces such as cafes, restaurants and bar terraces, workshops, warehouses, events and site rest areas. Evaporative coolers are simple yet effective and affordable to run, making them an ideal choice for keeping staff and workers cool during hot weather and summer days. Our range includes compact models suitable for commercial use and heavy-duty models for industrial applications.

Our Suggestion:

i. Igenix IG9706 Evaporative Air Cooler

• 3 Fan Speed Settings
• 5-Litre Removable Water Tank
• 7-Hour Timer

Expert Says: The multi-functional Igenix IG9706 air cooler comes with robust castors, a lid and a handle to allow for easy manoeuvring in the workplace. Featuring a big water tank, it makes workplace cooling easy and hassle-free.

ii. Igenix IG9750 Evaporative Air Cooler

• 3 Fan Speed Settings
• 50 Litre Removable Water Tank
• Max. Airflow 798m³/h

Expert Says: Along with a wide-angle internal oscillation and 12-hour programmable timer, the Igenix IG9750 is ideal for heavy-duty use thanks to its massive water tank and powerful airflow.

4. Cooling Fans

Cooling fans, which efficiently aid in the body's cooling process, are perfect for industrial use. Our selection also includes heavy-duty industrial cooling fans from reputable brands such as SIP and Broughton. These fans are perfect for use in workshops, garages, factories, warehouses and other large industrial areas. Some of our models have a 270-degree rotating head that can be angled towards the ceiling to circulate air effectively and reduce hot and cold spots in a room. Our industrial fans, such as the SIP workshop fans, floor fans, and drum fans, are standard equipment for cooling large industrial spaces with their powerful and effective cooling capabilities and durable design. Since these fans can move large volumes of air, they are also ideal for ventilation and removing odours, fumes and smoke from the area.

Our Suggestion:

i. SIP 20 Inch High Velocity Floor Fan

• 3 Fan Speeds (850, 1100 and 1350rpm)
• 111W Motor
• Robust, Compact & Lightweight

Expert Says: With a powerful 111W motor, huge fan blades and a hard-wearing steel frame, the SIP 20 Inch fan is perfect for cooling warehouses, work sites, factories and other commercial and industrial spaces.

ii. Prem-I-Air 14” Air Circulator Fan with Chrome Finish 230v

• Adjustable Tilt Head
• Max Airflow 2,880m³/h
• Strong Frame With Chrome Finish

Expert Says: The Prem-I-Air 14” Fan is ideal for minimising a large room's hot and cold spots with its tiltable head and powerful air circulation.

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Excessive heat in the workplace is never ideal. Fortunately, we have a wide range of feasible cooling solutions that you can adopt to mitigate the risks. From a business perspective, not only does a nice working environment enhance employees' physical and mental well-being, but it also is beneficial to the productivity of the whole office. Some of the feasible cooling solutions include installing air conditioning systems and using fans. By investing in these solutions, businesses can create a comfortable and productive work environment for their employees, resulting in an increase in job satisfaction. Check out our cooling equipment range and get ready for the hot weather now! Get in touch with our team if you have any enquiries about the equipment or need assistance choosing the right model for your requirements.