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  • Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
  • Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
  • Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
  • Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
  • Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
  • Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
  • Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
  • Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
  • Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
  • Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
  • Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
  • Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
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Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump 3.1kW

  • 3.1kW Max. Cooling & Heating Power
  • Slim, Vertical Style All-in-1 Air Con
  • Whisper Quiet: 27-41dB(A)
  • A-Rated Energy Efficiency
  • No F-Gas Certificate Required
  • Versatile Control Options & Wi-Fi
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3.1kW Cooling Capacity: The Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner is a versatile option for an efficient cooling effect in a variety of settings, including homes, commercial spaces and hospitality applications, such as hotel rooms and restaurants.

3.05kW Heating Power: In addition to its cooling capabilities, the VertiCool also provides a powerful heating capacity for a year-round solution for temperature control.

Slim, Vertical Profile: This can be set up in areas that have minimal wall space, such as between windows or in corners of the room. It's an ideal solution for rooms that have limited space and lack access to an external wall that is either low or high.

4 Different Controls: The Vision VertiCool has four distinct methods of operation that can be chosen based on your requirements. Besides the remote control, there is a built-in touchscreen on the body panel, a hard-wired remote touchscreen, and a mobile app for controlling several units with a single device.

Elegant & Versatile Design: Boasting a small size, rounded corners and a smooth, polished white PPC finish, the unit has a contemporary aesthetic that blends well with a variety of interior design styles, making it ideal for commercial applications.

A-Rated Energy Efficiency: The VertiCool has a dual power feature that automatically adapts the capacity to heat and cool a room effectively, as well as DC inverter technology that guarantees the least amount of energy consumption and operating noise.

No External Condenser: Boasting a built-in condenser and two external grilles, the Vision VertiCool doesn't require an external condenser, allowing for the supply and discharge of air with minimal disturbance to the outside's visual appeal.

Packed Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC): The VertiCool is a twin duct PTAC all-in-one air conditioning unit that reduces the cost of installation by eliminating the need for an outdoor unit.

Simple & Fast Installation: Since the external condenser and F-Gas certificate are not required, any competent tradesperson can perform the installation. It is only necessary to install two small vents in the wall to let condensate and exhaust air escape to the outside. The unit comes with everything required for installation and is prepared for installation.

Optional Condensate Nebuliser Available: Heats the condensate output air so that it becomes vapour and can then be expelled by the integrated fan. This is useful if you want to avoid condensate water running down external walls or alongside buildings.

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The Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Heat Pump Air Conditioner is a compact twin duct air conditioner that boasts an elegant, vertical design. This upright design is excellent for rooms with limited horizontal wall space and enables the installation of the unit in spaces between windows, in corners of rooms, and on other narrow surfaces. The VertiCool features a 3.1kW cooling capacity, which can effectively cool spaces up to 24m². Combined with an integrated 3.05kW heat pump and the oscillating vane, it can provide cooling during the warmer months of the year as well as heating when it gets colder. The contemporary and discreet VertiCool suits all kinds of spaces, including homes, hotels, spas, retail outlets, bars, restaurants, modular buildings and much more.

An Effective Vertical Design

Incorporating the dual power function and DC inverter technology, the VertiCool comes with high A-rated energy efficiency. While operating at a low noise level of 27-41dB, the unit still ensures excellent performance in cooling and heating. Measuring dimensions of 1398 x 500 x 185mm, the Powrmatic packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) removes up to 21.6 litres of moisture every day, making it an ideal choice for hotels, apartments, and other commercial spaces that require efficient temperature control and humidity management. The unit's feature that allows for silent operation makes it perfect for rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, and small offices where noise levels must be kept to a minimum. Placement in areas with little wall space is also made possible by the vertical, compact design.

With an impressive depth of 185mm, the sleek and streamlined design of the VertiCool can fit into a variety of interior designs and applications. It boasts an upright design with rounded corners and a polished white PPC finish over a full metal body. Its clean and simple appearance is perfect for modern and minimalist interiors, while the body ensures durability and longevity. There is no need for a big condenser on the walls or roofs because the air conditioner doesn't need external units. It is a fantastic option for listed buildings, as it minimises the impact on the aesthetics of your building. Two duct holes need to be installed through the wall because there isn't an external condenser. The unit comes with discreet external grilles that may be used to hide a 160mm twin duct and an 18mm condensate pipe that ensure the proper inlet and outlet of the supply and discharge air.

Climate Control In Different Ways

The Vision VertiCool comes with four different control options that allow for simple and swift adjustments. Together with the typical remote control, there is an integrated touchscreen on the body panel, a hard-wired remote touchscreen, and a mobile app that can simultaneously control multiple units.

The mobile app for Apple and Android makes it effortless to monitor and change the temperature settings, fan speed, and airflow direction from any location via the local WiFi network. It also enables you to monitor individual units from a single location, which is highly beneficial for larger houses, offices and hotels. Regarding hotels, they can also make use of the app to adjust every device in the rooms with reference to the occupancy levels to cut down their energy costs. All functions can be set using the unit's onboard control, including a "lock" position to prevent improper use and weekly scheduling. Those who prefer a physical controller have the option of mounting a hard-wired controller close to the device. The Vision VertiCool is perfect for hotel rooms, restaurants and other hospitality applications because of its cutting-edge vertical design, which features simple lines and no outdoor condenser.

Smooth And Straightforward Installation

The fact that the VertiCool does not require a large, bulky external condenser allows it to integrate into any space with minimal disruption to the aesthetics of both the inside and the outside and makes installation quick and easy. The complete through-the-wall installation only takes a few hours to complete. Therefore, each unit can be set up promptly and effectively in four steps, and there will be no downtime during installation. Since any skilled tradesperson can complete the installation, there is no need for extensive pipes, cables, or an HVAC technician. The straightforwardness of the installation ensures minimal disruptions to the daily operations of commercial applications, diminishing the loss in revenue. Due to their easy installation, using these units in place of traditional air conditioning is less expensive and simpler.

Available Options

The VertfiCool is provided with a remote control, and it is compatible with an excellent range of accessories. The optional Vision wired controller provides operational control and can be mounted near the unit. There is also a condensate nebuliser available to replace the standard external condensate pipe. The Vision nebuliser heats the condensate output air to turn it into vapour that can then be expelled by the integral fan. The nebuliser prevents condensate water from running down external walls or alongside buildings.


Cooling Capacity kW: 2.35
Cooling Capacity - Dual Power Max / Min kW: 3.1 / 0.9
Heating Capacity kW: 2.36
Heating Capacity - Dual Power Max / Min kW: 3.05 / 0.8
Power Input In Cooling W: 855
Power Input In Heating W: 750
Dehumidification Capacity l/h: 0.9
Power Supply Voltage V/F/Hz 230/1/50
EER W/W: 2.75
COP W/W: 3.15
Energy Efficiency Ratio When Cooling: A
Energy Efficiency Ratio When Heating: A
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 500 x 1398 x 185
Weight Kg: 53
Refer To Model Noise Level (Min / Max) dB(A): 27 / 41 
Wall Hole Diameter / Condensate Drain mm: 162 / 18
Refrigerant Gas: R410A

What's In The Box

Powrmatic Verticool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
Remote Control
Wall Mount Bracket
Vent Installation Kit (Template, supporting bracket, outdoor grills, insulating wall pipes)
User & Installation Manuals

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Great investment

Wouldn't go anywhere else, reliable, professional products and prompt delivery

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Impeccable customer service and communication for my questions, delivered quickyl too

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Value for money

I thoroughly believe you wont find a better deal and experience elsewhere. Fast shipping, helpful customer service, high product quality.

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a great piece of equipment

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