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  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
  • Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner
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Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner 3.5kW

  • 3.5kW Cooling Power & 2.9kW Heat Pump
  • 4-in-1 Cooling, Heating, Dehumidifier & Fan
  • Silent Operation: 39-47dB(A)
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Wi-Fi Connection & Remote Control Included
  • Best New Air Conditioner Award 2023
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3.5kW Cooling Capacity: The Powrmatic AIRCO290 Air Conditioner offers sufficient cooling power for an application area of up to 30m². Perfect for homes, offices, hotels and garden rooms.

Hassle-free 4-in-1 Solution: The affordable air conditioning unit offers four handy functions, including cooling, heating, dehumidifying and fan. Along with its rapid installation, the AIRCO290 provides the most convenient climate solution for you.

2.9kW Heating Power: Powrmatic's wall-mounted air conditioner not only has a great cooling effect, but it also has cutting-edge heat pump technology for cosy year-round heating. It is an economical alternative to traditional heaters during transitional seasons.

Removes Up To 33.6L/Day: The dehumidification mode, which offers an outstanding extraction capacity, efficiently handles condensation, damp and mould.

DC Inverter Technology: The amazing AIRCO290 features DC inverter technology that allows the compressor motor to run at variable speeds according to the temperature needs of the room, resulting in more efficient use of energy and a more comfortable experience for you.

WiFi Connection Available: Apart from its intuitive touchscreen and remote control, the Powrmatic’s unit can be connected to your smartphone via WiFi with the dedicated AIRCO290 app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Greener Climate Control: R290's 40% lower refrigerant charge makes it cheaper to run over time than R404. Due to its low GWP, the heat pump produces a high heat output at sub-zero temperatures.

Streamline Wall-Mounted Design: With dimensions of 575 x 205 x 1000 mm, its compact size makes it possible to mount it on a wall in almost any room. Wall mounting options come in both high and low configurations.

Unnoticeable Operation: It operates at merely 39dB in silent mode and up to 47dB in other modes, which is remarkably quiet.

24-Hour Timer: This clever feature allows for a 24-hour delay start and automatic shutoff, saving you time and money.


Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner


The Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner has twin ducts and is suitable for use in the UK and Europe. It is an economical option for cooling homes, offices and hotels, with a maximum airflow of 520m³ and a simple design that can be installed quickly without the need for an outdoor condenser unit. The AIRCO290 boasts a high and low wall mount option as well as a sleek modern design with a width of only 205mm, making it easy to install on the wall in almost any room. It eliminates redundant installation costs since it does not require an external condenser.

With 4-in-1 functionality, including cooling, heating, dehumidifying and fan, it offers a hassle-free solution for climate control. It has a massive air outlet, a cooling capacity of 3.5kW and a heating power of 2.9kW, making it suitable for areas up to 30m². The DC inverter technology adjusts the compressor motor's speed according to the room's temperature needs, resulting in efficient energy use and a cosy experience. Despite the aforementioned places, the unit is also perfect for condominiums, apartments, hotels, townhouses, modular homes, ranches and many more. Its dehumidification mode effectively extracts up to 33.6 litres of moisture per day, making it an ideal choice to deal with excess humidity.

The AIRCO290 offers multiple ways of controlling the climate, such as using the onboard touch screen, the remote control or the AIRCO290 app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play with WiFi. The device has a metal housing panel, an LED display, and a programmable 24-hour timer that allows for delayed start and automatic shutoff. You can decide whenever and however you want to use it. Additionally, it has an alarm and an auto-stop function when the water tank is full. It also comes with a self-evaporating system so that there will be less drainage water in cooling mode. The device operates unnoticeably at a low noise level of 39dB in silent mode. In other modes, it operates at up to 47dB, which is still extremely quiet.

For more eco-friendly climate control, the green refrigerant R290 gas is a suitable option, as it requires 40% less refrigerant than R404, making it more economical in the long run. The heat pump is designed to produce efficient heat output even at temperatures below zero thanks to the advanced use of R290, which also has the lowest GWP among its peers. The Powrmatic AIRCO290 is certified for use in the UK, and it is also compatible and available for use in all European and American markets.


Outlet Core Diameter (for Flue): 2 x 180mm
Cooling/Heating Capacity W: 3500/2930 (12000btu)
Power Supply V-V-Hz: 220-240/50
Temperature Range (Cooling): 16 - 30 Degrees
Reted Input (Cooling / Heating) W: 1250 / 945
EER/COP kW: 3.1/3.6
Moisture Removal L/h: 1.4
Air Circulation m3/h: 520
Sound Pressure (Cooling + High Speed Fan) dB: 47
Sound Pressure ( Silent Mode ) dB: 39
Dimensions (H/W/L) mm: 575x205x1000
Net Weight Kg: 43.5
Gross Weight Kg: 49.5
Typical Application Area (guide only) m2: 25-30


What's In The Box

1x Powrmatic AIRCO290 Packaged Heat Pump Air Conditioner

1x Wall Template

7x 60mm Screws w/ Wall Plugs

2x Tapping Screws

1x Fixed Plate

2x Plastic Ducting Sheet

2x Vent Cover Assembly inc. Chain, Indoor Ring and Outdoor Cover

1x Remote Control

Customer Reviews

Really good all-in-one air con unit

Bought this unit for our lounde after using a portable unit for many years and works like a charm. No outside unit needed so no noise complaints from the neighbours! Thinking of adding another for our bedroom next. Great service and quick delivery too.

Jim Chambers

Great wall mounted air conditioner

Installed by our plumber in our new extension, didn't take too long and with minimal mess just two holes to the outside. Unit works well and control panel is easy to use. Great features for the price and very good aftersales support. 5/5.

Stephanie Bridgers

Conservatory air con

Installed Airco 290 in our conservatory after being recommended by a friend. Bought for both heating and cooling so good all year round. So far so good. Smart looking unit a really handy bit of kit.


AIRCO290 Air Conditioner - Review

Brilliant air conditioner. Really impressed by the quality and the cooling output. Set the temperature in the morning and does its job all day without fuss. Control panel and remote easy to use.

F Taylor


Can't fault this unit. Quick install, instructions nice and clear. Both heating and cooling performance very good.

Mr Joseph Stanley

Efficient air conditioner and heater for bedroom

Much more efficient than portable unit. Nice and quiet unit very very good. Two holes to the outside, makes sure fresh air comes in, and all waste to outside. Looks very smart.




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