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  • Broughton FF42 Industrial Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton FF42 Industrial Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton FF42 Industrial Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton FF42 Industrial Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton FF42 Industrial Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton FF42 Industrial Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton FF42 Industrial Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton FF42 Industrial Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton FF42 Industrial Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton FF42 Industrial Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase
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Broughton FF42 Industrial Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase 42kW

  • 17kW / 42kW Double Heat Setting
  • 3956m³/h Airflow
  • Adjustable Thermostat Dial
  • Robust & Portable Design
  • Overheat Protection
  • Duct Warm Air Up To 10m
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2 Year Warranty

This product uses a 3-Phase power supply and will not work with a standard 110v or 240v 3-pin socket.

£2,910.00 (inc VAT)
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42kW Heat Output: The Broughton FF42 offers huge heating capacity for an electric heater, with 3956m3/h airflow and high air pressure to push the air over long distances. It can be used for heating a range of large industrial spaces including workshops, warehouses, factories, plants, construction sites and more.

Two Heat Settings: Choose between maximum capacity of 42kW or half capacity of 17kW, to provide the ideal performance for your space.

100% Clean Warm Air: As this heater is powered by electricity, it produces no fumes and does not consume oxygen within the space. I provides a safe alternative to gas and diesel heaters.

Thermostat Dial: Allows you to select a required temperature and the heater will switch itself on and off as required in order to maintain the set temperature, adding convenience, comfort and saving on running costs. An analogue remote thermostat can also be used.

Tough & Durable Construction: With its strong powder-coated steel outer casing and high quality inner components, it is built to perform in demanding environments.

Duct Up To 20m: The FF42 heater can be used with 500mm diameter ducting, up to 20m long – with up to 10m of ducting positioned on the air intake spigot and 10m on the hot air outlet. This allows you to heat all kinds of different areas on a site effectively.

Portable Design: The FF42 electric heater is mounted on a set of four strong castors and it features lifting brackets, so it can be transported to, from and around a site without difficulty.

Safety Features: Over Temperature Protection (OTP) and full phase protection provide a safety fail-safe which automatically shut the heater down.

Fully Serviceable Equipment: Easy to maintain and repair when required in order to provide years of reliable service. These are high quality industrial heaters, made in the UK, and built to last.


Broughton FF42 Industrial Electric Fan Heater

42kW 3-phase industrial space heater for the most demanding applications

The Broughton FF42 is a 42kW industrial electric fan heater. It provides huge volumes of clean, fume free warm air to heat indoor, enclosed spaces safely. If you need fast, reliable heating for industrial working areas such as factories, warehouses, processing plants, and other large spaces, then the Broughton FF42 industrial electric heater is difficult to surpass.

This high-performance space heater is capable of producing an impressive airflow rate of 3956m3/h, with a nominal heat output of 42kW and up to 57℃ temperature rise (Delta T). It is constructed using high-quality, high-gauge steel for the outer housing. This tough casing can withstand general knocks and bumps on site. The unit weighs 111kg and is fitted with lifting eyes and sturdy castors for maximum portability around site. For maximum safety on site, the Broughton FF42 features overtemperature protection and phase protection.

The controls have been kept simple to ensure easy operation, including a push button to start the heater and a large emergency stop button. There is also a dial to switch between the available functions - off, fan only, 17kW, and 42kW settings. The fan only function can be used for industrial ventilation during warmer periods. This unit also features a thermostat dial. An analogue remote thermostat can also be fitted for remote control of the climate.


Heat Output: 42kW / 17kW
Approx Airflow Rate: 3956m3/hr
Temp Increase (T): 57°C
Current: 63A
Supply: 400v 50hz (3 Phase)
Sound (@ 3m): 73dB(A)
Dimensions: (H x W x D): 922 x 622 x 1322
Weight: 11kg
Spigot ø: 500mm
Mobility: Portable
Thermostat: Standard
Remote Thermostat: Available
Overtemperature Protection: Yes
Phase Protection: Yes
Warranty: 2 Years


Customer Reviews

Absolutely brilliant

reliable addition to our work, don't know what we'd do without it now

Nigel Curson

Brilliant addition

Does exactly what it says on the tin, made to last and shipped out fast, thanks


just right


Great investment

Doron Rankin

durable and efficient

craig manwaring


first time ordering here and will be ordering again for sure, arrived quickly and as expected

Mr Russell

perfect for work

Very pleased with how quickly it arrived, just what we needed

steve elliott

Delivered quickly

Mr Hayward


gurmit spanner



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