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  • Master B 30 Ductable Electric Heater - 3 Phase
  • Master B 30 Ductable Electric Heater - 3 Phase
  • Master B 30 Ductable Electric Heater - 3 Phase
  • Master B 30 Ductable Electric Heater - 3 Phase
  • Master B 30 Ductable Electric Heater - 3 Phase
  • Master B 30 Ductable Electric Heater - 3 Phase

Master B 30 Ductable Electric Heater - 3 Phase 30kW

  • 30kW / 15kW Double Heat Settings
  • 3500m³/h Airflow
  • Fan-Only Mode
  • Swift Portable Design
  • Overheat Protection
  • Duct Connection Point
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3 Year Warranty

This product uses a 3-Phase power supply and will not work with a standard 110v or 240v 3-pin socket.

£1,440.00 (inc VAT)
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Clean Warm Air: Produces no fumes and does not deplete the oxygen within a space. Only clean warm air is blown out of the front of the heater, making it a safe and reliable space heater for enclosed, poorly ventilated areas.

Duct Connection: Allows flexible ducting to be connected to the warm air outlet, so you can direct the warm air to specific areas away from the heater without having to move the unit itself. Ideal for large sites.

Adjustable Heat: A switch enables you to change the heat output setting between 30kW or 15kW.

Summer/Winter Switch: This allows the fan to be used without the heating element, to provide ventilation during warmer months.

Robust Construction: The tough steel casing and sturdy frame protect the heater from general impacts.

Portable Design: Large wheels and a handle allow the heater to be put into position easily on site.

Optional Two-Way Splitter: Designed to fix to the heater's warm air outlet and provide two separate smaller warm air outlets, so multiple areas can be heated at once.

Optional Thermostat With 10m Cable: Allows you to set a required temperature in the space you want to heat and will automatically turn the heater on and off as required in order to maintain the temperature. Provides convenience and saves energy.

Overheat Thermostat: Safety feature that shuts the heater down if it overheats to prevent accidents.


Master B 30 Electric Heater

Effective site heating solution

The Master B 30 is a portable 3 phase electric heater that provides clean, fast, and safe heating for industrial spaces such as construction sites, warehouses, workshops, factories and more. The compact and lightweight design makes this 30kW electric fan heater easy to carry, transport, and store. Other common applications include public events held in tents, marquees and seasonal market spaces, and quieter working areas. The benefits of an electric space heater include low noise production, no fumes, odours, or humidity, and no oxygen consumption, so they are safe to use in enclosed areas with limited space. The Master B 30 is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for general heating and drying, with a variable switch for changing between a 15kW or 30kW output.

Ductable Electric Heater

Versatile and practical space heaters

The duct connectors on the Master B 30 are compatible with flexible ducting. This means that you can attach ducting to these electric heaters in order to direct the warm air wherever it is required on site. We have 7.6m lengths of PVC ducting available to purchase as an accessory for the Master B 30 electric heater (410mm diameter). We also have 2 Way Splitters available and lengths of splitter ducting. The 2 Way Splitter is designed to fix to the heater's warm air outlet and provide two separate warm air outlets. Splitter ducting (310mm diameter) can then be fixed to the warm air outlets on the splitter in order to duct the warm air to two separate areas. We also have optional thermostats available with a 10m cable. Enquire online or over the phone with our sales team for pricing on these accessories and to add them to your order.

Please note: There is a 2 week lead time on orders of the optional 2-way ducting outlet and ducting.

Excellent Build Quality

Purchase with confidence

Master B30 30kW ductable electric heaters are user-friendly, fully portable, and adaptable space heaters designed to ensure reliability and efficiency. They are built with the highest-quality components and a careful manufacturing process to ensure the highest possible level of performance. These heaters are built to withstand the demands of use in difficult environments and provide long lasting service. Using the Summer-Winter switch allows the heater to work for ventilation only, with the fan operating without the heating element. The integrated overheat thermostat ensures that the heater will shut down if it is left to get too hot in an enclosed space, so it can be left running unattended for short periods. The sturdy frame guards the outer shell of the heater from general impacts and also provides a convenient handle. Large wheels are attached to the base to allow for moving the heater across floor space. Order a Master B 30 using our online checkout, or contact our sales team directly. Our knowledgeable group are available to answer any questions that you have. We also have ductable electric heaters available in other sizes: Master B 18 (18kW) & Master RS 40 (40kW).


kW: 15-30
Heating power (Btu/h): 51200-102400 or kcal/h: 51200-102400
Air flow (m³/h): 3500
Power supply (V/Hz): 400/3ph/50-60
Plug (male) from heater side: 63A/5P
Rated current (A): 43.5
Switch pos. 1: Off
Switch pos. 2: Fan
Switch pos. 3/4 kW: 15-30
Thermostat control: Optional TH5
Temperature range: < 25
Protection: IP24
Product size (l x w x h): 1030 x 580 x 680mm
Weight (kg): 53


Customer Reviews

Absolutely brilliant

Can see us depending on this for a while, great quality for the cost and quick delivery

roberto atwal

perfect for work

Pleasantly surprised by the prompt dispatch & arrival, customer service and quality of this.

john ring

Professional quality and communication

Superior to other similar products out there, capable piece of kit delivered very quickly, thanks

Evan Rook

Low cost for high quality

annabel barrow

Works perfectly

nicholas hann

no nonsense

Finance Steven

Very satisfied

Mr Toal


Can see us depending on this for a while, great quality for the cost and quick delivery

Kirk Moyer

Prompty delivered

After testing this out I wanted to say how fantastic it is, arrived swiftly and oustanding customer service

jamie hammond



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