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  • Master BV 400 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Master BV 400 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Master BV 400 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Master BV 400 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Master BV 400 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Master BV 400 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Master BV 400 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Master BV 400 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Master BV 400 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Master BV 400 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v

Master BV 400 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v 110kW

  • 375,540 BTU/hr Powerful Portable Indirect Heat
  • Runs on Diesel or Kerosene
  • 6200m³/h Airflow
  • Ducting Connection for Directing Warmth
  • Flue, Thermostat & Ducting Accessories Available
  • Ideal For Warehouses, Construction & Events
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100% Clean Warm Air: Air is drawn into the heater from the rear by an internal fan. The air is heated as it passes over a heat exchanger. The combustion by-products remain within the heat exchanger and are exhausted out of the top of the unit, and only clean, fume-free warm air is blown out of the front of the heater.

Ducting Connection: Lengths of ducting can be attached to this heater, in order to direct the clean warm air into the space that you need to heat. This makes it ideal for heating a range of large and enclosed areas safely, such as marquees and tents, workshops, warehouses, areas on construction sites and much more. It comes with a single outlet as standard, but a double outlet is available, which allows two lengths of ducting to be attached, in order to heat separate areas.

Flue Gas Exhaust: Combustion by-products are exhausted out of the top of the heater. Sections of flue pipe are available separately, allowing you to safely vent exhaust fumes away from the space.

High Pressure Fan: Capable of pushing clean air over long distances, up to 50m, with an air pressure rating of 500 Pa and an airflow rate of 6200m³/h.

Two Stage Master Burner: For best possible efficiency, performance, and safety.

Summer-Winter Switch: Allows the high pressure fan to operate without heating, in order to circulate fresh air for ventilation.

Tough & Robust Heater: Built to perform in challenging areas, including construction sites, workshops, warehouses, agriculture, events and more.

Portable Design: A crane hook allow the heater to be lifted on and off transport easily. Large wheels and handles allow the heater to be wheeled into position and re-positioned when required.

Thermostat Connectivity: An optional thermostat can be connected to these heaters, allowing you to set a required temperature within the space. The thermostat will switch the heater on and off as required in order to maintain the set temperature. This saves fuel and adds extra convenience.

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Master BV 400 Indirect Space Heater

Safe. Efficient. Cost-effective.

The Master BV 400 is an incredibly practical and versatile indirect space heater for a range of applications. With an impressive 110kW heat output and 6200m³/h airflow, the BV 400 is adept at quickly and consistently warming large working spaces such as warehouses, factories, and construction sites during cold and adverse periods of weather. Indirect space heaters vent the warm, clean air into any space via a ducting system while fumes are exhausted externally, making them safe in enclosed and poorly ventilated areas. You can utilise a Master indirect space heater to create comfortable conditions in marquees, tents, outdoor markets, keeping customers and guests warm and dry.

Powerful & Versatile Industrial Heater

Featuring a 2 stage burner

The 2 stage Master burner integrated within the BV 400 allows you to adapt the space heater to the situation. You can choose between 80kW and 110kW heat output, so you can adjust the heater to suit spaces of various sizes and different environments. Additionally, you can set the heater to its lower setting to consume less fuel over an extended operating period. While the Master BV 400 comes with 1 air output valve as standard, there is a 2 output adapter available. The advantage of having a second output is that you can connect multiple lengths of the ducting to heat two separate locations simultaneously. Enquire with our sales team for pricing on outlet adaptors and ducting, and to add them to your order.

Heavy-Duty Design

Robust. Reliable. Resilient.

The Master BV 400 heater has been built and designed to ensure quality, efficiency, and long service life. The outer shell and combustion chamber are tough and durable stainless steel, mounted on a robust rotomoulded fuel tank. These components give the heater the capability to cope with the heavy-demands of regular use in challenging environments and conditions. The burner is fitted within a sturdy box, and the unit has an IP44 rating for good resistance to water and dirt ingress. The base of the tank is fitted directly into a trolley with pneumatic wheels to allow for easy and convenient mobility between sites.


Master BV 400 Heater Specifications:
Heat Output: 110kW / 80kW
Airflow: 6,200 m³/h
Total Air Pressure: 500 Pa
Fan: Plug Fan
Ductability: 50m
Motor Power Fan: 750/1400 W/rpm
Ducting: 1 tube Ø 41cm / 2 tubes Ø 31cm
Maximum Air Temperature: 95°C
Summer Ventilation: Yes
Remote Thermostat: Analogue or Digital
Flue Tube: 150mm
Electronic Box Protection: IP43
Fuel Tank Capacity: 150L
Fuel Consumption: 10.2 l/h high mode / 7.7 l/h low mode
Rated Current: 6.8A
Power Supply: 220-240/1ph/50 V/Hz
Weight: 230 kg
Product Size (l x w x h): 2086 x 717 x 1233 mm

Customer Reviews

Definitely recommend the Master BV 400 space heater

Very good quality heatr with a powerful fan. Good choice.

Lorenz Stead

Pricey but quality

It is a lot of money to spend but you get what you pay for. The quality of the Master BV 400 is top.


perfect for work

Sturdy and amazing value for money, as well as fast delivery


5 stars without a doubt

Definitely a worthy investment, solid product reliable and quick delivery

Donald Harrison


Quick shipping, no messing around, trusty product - very pleased

john ford

simple to use


positive experience

Kingspan Joyce

love it

Mr Walshaw

Another happy customer!

Very professional, pleasure ordering from you as always

philip ayling



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