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  • Thermobile VTB 3000 Industrial Electric Fan Heater 230v

Thermobile VTB 3000 Industrial Electric Fan Heater 230v 3kW

  • 3kW / 10,242BTU Heat Output
  • 16a Plug Required
  • 225m³/h Airflow
  • Higher Outlet Temperature approx. 40-100°C
  • Integrated Thermostat
  • Radial Fan For Extra Heat Throw
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3kW Heat Capacity: Great capacity from a compact unit. Ideal for heating and assisting with drying in workshops and rooms on construction sites, in factories, warehouses, farms, agricultural buildings and more.

100% Clean Warm Air: Can be used in enclosed and confined spaces. As the heater is powered by electricity, it produces no fumes and does not consume oxygen within the space.

Efficient Radial Fan: Offers extra heat throw and provides a heated airflow of 225 m³/h.

Higher Outlet Temperature: Fixed outlet temperature approx. 40-100°C is higher than other electric fan heaters, making this model suited to more challenging heating and drying applications in industrial & agricultural spaces.

Stainless Steel Elements: High quality components providing reliable performance.

Tough Metal Outer Casing: Provides protection to inner components and ensures reliable performance on site. Offers easy access for cleaning.

Duct Connection: The 98mm warm air outlet can be fitted with ducting, so warm air can be directed where it is needed.

Built-in Thermostat: Allows you to select a required temperature. The heater will switch itself on and off as required to maintain the set temperature, adding convenience and saving on running costs.

Portable Design: The Thermobile VTB 3000 features an integrated carry handle. Its compact design allows it to be transported with ease.


Thermobile VTB 3000 Electric Fan Heater

Portable industrial 3kW heater for temporary space heating & spot heating

The Thermobile VTB 3000 industrial electric fan heater is ideal for temporary heating and spot heating in a wide range of industrial and agricultural areas. It offers a higher fixed outlet temperature compared to other electric fan heaters, of approx. 40-100°C, and features a radial fan for extra heat throw.

This 230v industrial electric heater offers a heated airflow of 225 m³/h airflow, so it is capable of heating spaces and drying materials quickly and efficiently. It features a built-in thermostat which allows you to set a required temperature and the heater will turn itself on and off as required to maintain this temperature. This adds convenience and saves on running costs.

The 98mm diameter outlet cone on this heater allows lengths of 100mm ducting to be fixed on to the heater, so that the clean warm air can be ducted into spaces where it is needed.

The compact and portable design of the Thermobile VTB 3000 makes it very easy to move around and put into place wherever it is needed on site. Its tough metal outer casing offers protection from knocks and bumps on site.


Heat Capacity: 3kW
Voltage: 230v
Heated Air Flow: 225m3/h
Adjustment Range: 0-3kW
Delta T: 60°C
Power Consumption: 13A/230V (16a Plug Required)
Outlet Cone: 98mm Ø
Thermostat: Built-in
Dimensions (L x W x H): 340 x 310 x 400mm
Weight: 11kg

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