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  • Arcotherm Jumbo 85M Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Arcotherm Jumbo 85M Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Arcotherm Jumbo 85M Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Arcotherm Jumbo 85M Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Arcotherm Jumbo 85M Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Arcotherm Jumbo 85M Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Arcotherm Jumbo 85M Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v
  • Arcotherm Jumbo 85M Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v

Arcotherm Jumbo 85M Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 240v 79kW

  • 269,706 BTU/hr Powerful Portable Indirect Heat
  • Runs on Diesel, Kerosene or Biodiesel
  • 7200m³/h Huge Airflow
  • Flue, Thermostat & Ducting Accessories Available
  • Ideal For Warehouses, Factories & Construction
  • Create Your Own Package
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100% Clean Hot Air: The heater blows out 100% clean, fume-free warm air from its warm air outlet. This makes it ideal for heating enclosed areas safely, such as marquees and tents, workshops, warehouses, areas on construction sites and much more.

Ducting Connection: Sections of ducting can be attached to this heater, in order to direct the clean warm air into the space that you need to heat.

Flue Gas Exhaust: Combustion by-products are exhausted out of the top of the heater. Sections of flue pipe are available separately, allowing you to safely vent exhaust fumes away from the space.

High Quality Components: High-performance 7-blade fan assembly and redesigned combustion chamber,

Tough & Robust: Built to perform in challenging areas, including construction sites, workshops, warehouses, agriculture, events and more.

Portable Design: Large wheels and a handle make the heater very portable. It is easy to transport, position and re-position when required on site. Lifting eyes on top of the unit allow it to be lifted on and off transport.

Thermostat Connectivity: An optional heavy duty thermostat can be connected to this heater, allowing you to set a required temperature within the space. The thermostat will switch the heater on and off as required in order to maintain the set temperature. This saves fuel and adds extra convenience.

Tigerloop Available: This heater features no internal fuel tank. It is designed to be connected to an external fuel tank of your choice. The tigerloop removes any air from the fuel as it enters the heater.


Arcotherm Jumbo 85M Indirect Space Heater

Effective & efficient

The Arcotherm Jumbo 85M is an incredibly powerful and practical indirect space heater. Featuring a new high-performance 7-blade fan assembly and redesigned combustion chamber, the Jumbo 85M indirect space heater delivers a huge heating capability that is ideal for large spaces like warehouses, factories, garages, and more. With a heating efficiency of 92 - 93%, massive airflow of 7200m³/hr, and heat output power of 79kW, this heavy-duty space heater creates warm and more tolerable working conditions for anyone in challenging environments. The Arcotherm Jumbo 85M can also be used for large scale drying on construction sites, in buildings following heavy downpours or flooding, or for agricultural applications like crop drying, and more.

Excellent Manufacture

The quality expected from Arcotherm

The Arcotherm Jumbo 85M is designed to be heavy-duty and hard-wearing. The burner cover is robust and durable - intended to protect all the internal components from external factors like physical impacts, dust, moisture, and even adverse weather. The panels are reinforced with cross pleats to ensure greater rigidity and structural strength, and they can be removed to allow for interior cleaning and maintenance. The weight bearing structure has been improved to provide better balance and anchorage, with sturdy attachment rods to allow for easier movement and transport. Large wheels are integrated at the base of the frame, so it is easier to pull the space heater from area to area. The electrical control panel is located at the top rear of the heater to avoid contact with dust, dirt, and weather, and allows for straightforward control and review of operation and status at all times.

Powerful Indirect Space Heater

Reliable, adaptable & versatile

The Arcotherm Jumbo 85M is a large, effective and convenient oil fired space heater. There is an excellent range of additional extras also available so you can customise the unit for your specific needs. You can order robust PVC ducting which allows you to funnel warm air into any space up to 5 metres away from the heater. This is ideal if you need to heat areas without sufficient floor space or fast-paced environments where the heater could be a hazard. Two way splitter outlets can be used in conjunction with muliple lengths of PVC ducting so that you can heat more than one space at the same time. The standard ducting, splitters, splitter ducting, thermostat, flue, and rain cowl are available to select with the tick boxes above. We can also supply a fuel tank, side bumper kit, lifting kit, swivelling wheels kit, pre heated oil filter, flue storage kit, and chimney support kit on request - simply give our sales team a call to enquire. Using these accessories allows you to safely leave the Jumbo 85M space heater running in-situ with the fumes exhausted away outside of the space. Enquire today or order with confidence via our online checkout or by phone to talk to our expert sales team directly.


Heater Dimensions: 1648mm x 770mm x 1133mm
Packaged Heater Dimensions: 1600mm x 680mm x 1135mm
Product Weight: 172kg
Packaged Weight: 192kg
Heating Capacity: 79kW
Heat Efficiency: 92.7%
Air Flow: 7,200m³/h
Air Temperature: 47℃
Fuel Consumption: 6.77l/hr
Electrical Power: 700W

What's In The Box

1x Arcotherm Jumbo 85M Indirect Oil Fired Heater

*Accessories and Eco Kit Package Available

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high grade equipment

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