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Indirect Diesel Heaters

Indirect Diesel Heaters

Efficient space heaters for enclosed spaces

Indirect fired diesel space heaters provide large volumes of clean, fume-free warm air. This makes these heaters ideal for use in more enclosed, less well-ventilated areas, such as enclosed workshops, halls and marquees, where unclean air could affect the occupants of the area. Indirect diesel heaters, such as our range of Arcotherm EC, Master BV and Thermobile ITA/IMA space heaters, burn fuel differently to direct diesel heaters.

These space heaters use an in-built heat exchanger and flue union to expel harmful fumes. This means that an indirect diesel heater should be placed outside the intended heating area, and the warm air should be ducted into this area from the heater. Any fumes are then expelled outside via the heater’s exhaust. Heaters can also be kept inside, with a chimney leading externally out through a wall via a flue. Our Arcotherm, Master and Thermobile heaters range from 20kW to 200kW, covering practically all purposes and applications!

Indirect diesel heaters are the industry standard heaters for marquees and events – we have even created a range of ‘Marquee heating packages’, which give you everything you need to heat a marquee, hall and more using one of these indirect diesel heaters. (What's more - we even have FREE DELIVERY to the UK mainland on those marquee heater packages!)