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  • Large Space Heater Package (Thermobile Indirect)
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Large Space Heater Package (Thermobile Indirect)

  • 45kW / 70kW Portable Indirect Heater
  • Multiple Accessories Included
  • Integrated Thermostat Control
  • Runs on Diesel or Kerosene
  • Heats Separate Spaces Simultaneously
  • Great Value Package Deal
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Great Value Package Deal: Thermobile ITA45 45kW or ITA75 70kW indirect space heater with a two way splitter, 2 x ducting, 2 x diffusers, flue pipe, rain cowl and thermostat at a cheaper price than buying them individually, and with free delivery.

Clean Hot Air: Air is drawn into the heater from the rear by the internal fan. It is heated as it passes over a heat exchanger. The combustion by-products remain within the heat exchanger and are exhausted via the flue. This ensures only clean, fume free warm air is blown out of the front of the heater and into the space through the ducting, making it ideal for heating enclosed spaces safely.

Two Way Splitter: Allows two lengths of ducting to be attached to the heater's warm air outlet, meaning larger spaces and two separate spaces can be heated at once.

Tough Build Quality: Featuring durable phosphated body panels with powder coating. Designed to perform in challenging areas, including construction sites, workshops, warehouses, agriculture, events and more.

High Quality Features: High efficiency heat exchanger (91%), combustion chamber heat resistant up to 850 °c, internal fuel tank for up to 16 hours burning duration, burner relay, photocell flame control and high pressure pump with 1-way pipe system help to ensure reliable, effective and safe performance.

Trolley Mounted Design: Large wheels and a handle make the heater easy to transport, position and re-position when required on site.

Thermostat Control: The thermostat allows you set set a required temperature and it will switch the heater on and off as required in order to maintain the set temperature. This saves fuel and adds extra convenience.

Overheat Thermostat: Shuts down the heater automatically if it overheats, to prevent accidents.


Large Thermobile Indirect Oil Heater Package

Everything you need to heat large commercial & industrial spaces

Our Large Thermobile Indirect Heater Package is a great deal that gives you a range of industrial heating equipment at a reduced price and with FREE delivery! Indirect oil fired space heaters are ideal for heating all kinds of enclosed, poorly ventilated spaces such as marquees, halls, workshops, construction sites and more. They are designed to sit outside the space that you want to heat and, as they burn their fuel, the fumes produced during combustion are exhausted outside via a flue while only safe, clean, fume-free warm air is blown into the building by the heater’s internal fan, via a length of ducting. This Thermobile indirect space heater package gives you everything you need to achieve this set up, at a discounted price, and with FREE delivery to UK mainland addresses!

Thermobile ITA Indirect Fired Space Heaters

High quality space heaters respected throughout the industry

The Thermobile Large Indirect Space Heater Package comes with either a Thermobile ITA 45 heater or an Thermobile ITA 75 heater. The ITA 45 heater is a 45kW indirect fired oil space heater while the ITA 75 is a 70kW indirect fired oil heater. They are both 240v machines and you can select which heater you would like using the drop down menu above. These industrial space heaters have been designed and manufactured to the highest standard by one of the most reputable manufacturers in the space heater sector - Thermobile. Thermobile ITA indirect space heaters feature industry-leading, hard wearing, heavy-duty components which help to ensure effective, long-lasting and trouble-free heating performance. They have a heat exchanger capable of up to 91% efficiency, a combustion chamber that is heat resistant up to 850°C, durable phosphated body panels with powder coating and a clever one-way pipe system which helps to prevent fuel disturbance. They also have a burner relay, photocell flame control and overheat protection which shuts the heater down when an issue is detected. Mounted on a strong trolley frame with large wheels, these space heaters can be moved around a site easily and used wherever they are required. If you are unsure which Thermobile indirect space heater is required to heat your space effectively, simply contact us for advice before placing your order. We will be happy to advise you based on the size and type of space.

Everything Comes Included!

All you need for heating large spaces & multiple spaces

These indirect heater package deals come with a range of accessories at a discounted price compared to purchasing each component separately. The Large Thermobile INdirect Heater Package comes with everything you need for heating large spaces, or multiple spaces, at once! Accessories include a two-way splitter, either 2 x 3m ducting or 2 x 7.6m ducting, 2 x diffusers, a thermostat, flue and rain cowl. This package allows you to set the heater up with two separate lengths of ducting running from the heater's warm air outlet, so you can warm large spaces or multiple spaces more effectively. To find out more about our heating packages, or for any advice on which heater package is best for your needs, call our friendly experts on the sales team today.


ITA45 Specs
Heat output (kW): 45.1
Heat output (Btu/hr): 154,000
Heated air flow (m3 /hr): 3000
Tank capacity (l): 80
Fuel consumption oil max. (l/hr): 4.5
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1630mm x 620mm x 900mm
Weight: 105kg

ITA75 Specs
Heat output (Btu/hr): 238,980
Heat output (kW): 70
Heated air flow (m3 /hr): 3800
Tank capacity (l): 120
Fuel consumption oil max. (l/hr): 7
Dimensions (LxWxH): 2010mm x 650mm x 980mm
Weight: 131kg

What's In The Box

1 x Thermobile ITA45 OR ITA75 Indirect Oil Fired Heater
1 x Two-Way Splitter
2 x 3m Ducting OR 2 x 7.6m Ducting
2 x Diffusers
1 x Thermostat
1 x Flue
1 x Rain Cowl
FREE Delivery (Mainland UK)

Customer Reviews

Thermobile ITA75 Package with Robust upgrade

The new one has landed, what a difference the Robust is next to my ITA75 Standard - BEEFY!!
Do you sell the robust kit to upgrade my older one?

Mr Morris

Heats well

reliable addition to our work, don't know what we'd do without it now Works perfect as expected, and arrived incredibly quickly! Thanks

Darren Chalmers


Arrived as expected, very promptly too - so pleased to have made this purchase

Mr Pinto


works exactly as described, shipped quicker than expected

Miss Hunton

Delivered quickly

Miles Shackleford

5 stars without a doubt

Mr Harker


garth moll

Very cosy

Very decent for the size and price, kicks out a good amount of heat, well pleased Impeccable customer service and communication for my questions, delivered quickyl too . High quality, durable, shipped fast - perfect

Bob Mawman

Great design

Exceptional quality, customer service and speedy delivery

jefrey glover



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