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  • Extra Large Space Heater Package (Arcotherm Phoen 110)
  • Extra Large Space Heater Package (Arcotherm Phoen 110)
  • Extra Large Space Heater Package (Arcotherm Phoen 110)
  • Extra Large Space Heater Package (Arcotherm Phoen 110)
  • Extra Large Space Heater Package (Arcotherm Phoen 110)
  • Extra Large Space Heater Package (Arcotherm Phoen 110)
  • Extra Large Space Heater Package (Arcotherm Phoen 110)
  • Extra Large Space Heater Package (Arcotherm Phoen 110)
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Extra Large Space Heater Package (Arcotherm Phoen 110)

  • 361,000BTU/hr Portable Indirect Heater
  • Great Value Package Deal
  • Dual Voltage Selector Switch
  • 5300m³/hr Airflow
  • Ideal For Warehouses &  Marquees
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Great Value Package Deal: Arcotherm Phoen 106kW indirect oil fired space heater, ducting adaptor, ducting option of your choice, flue pipe, rain cowl and thermostat with free delivery.

Clean Hot Air: Air is drawn into the heater from the rear by the internal fan. It is heated as it passes over a heat exchanger. The combustion by-products remain within the heat exchanger and are exhausted via the flue. This ensures only clean, fume free warm air is blown out of the front of the heater and into the space through the ducting, making it ideal for heating enclosed spaces safely.

Tough Build Quality: Designed to perform in challenging areas, including construction sites, workshops, warehouses, agriculture, events and more.

High Quality Features: Automatic built in oil burner and a Danfoss pump, robust hydrocarbon resistant polythene fuel tank, AISI 430 stainless steel combustion chamber and electronic flame control help to ensure reliable, effective and safe performance.

Dual Voltage Selector Switch: Allows the heater to run from either a 110v or 240v supply

Trolley Mounted Design: Large wheels and a handle make the heater easy to transport, position and re-position when required on site.

Thermostat Control: The remote thermostat on 10m cable allows you set set a required temperature and it will switch the heater on and off as required in order to maintain the set temperature. This saves fuel and adds extra convenience.

Overheat Thermostat: Shuts down the heater automatically if it overheats, to prevent accidents.

Air Inlet Kit Available: We now offer recirculation kits. The kits allow you vent previously warmed air back into the combustion chamber so your heater can work more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and costs.


Arcotherm Phoen Heater Package Deal

Extra large indirect heater package for warehouses, factories, marquees & more

Our extra large space heater package deal includes an Arcotherm Phoen 110 indirect oil fired space heater, along with a range of high quality accessories, with free delivery to UK mainland addresses.

This package deal is designed to give you everything you need to heat large spaces safely and effectively, as the heater blows only clean, fume-free warm air out of the warm air outlet, while fumes produced during combustion are expelled out of the exhaust on top of the unit.

The package deal includes the Arcotherm Phoen 110 indirect heater - a 106kW dual voltage (230v/110v) industrial heater. The package also includes a 5m length of 500mm ducting hose, to vent the warm air into the space you wish to heat, a remote thermostat with 10m cable, 1m flue pipe and rain cowl to prevent an ingress of rain water into the flue.

We now offer recirculation kits that you can add as an additonal extra. These kits allow you vent previously warmed air back into the combustion chamber by attaching an adapter and ducting to the air inlet. Recycling air allows your heater to work more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and costs by up to 60%.

This kit can be used to heat large workshops, industrial spaces like warehouses, factories, farms and construction sites, or events and large marquees safely.

*Low Level Diffusers Available Upon Request. Options with two ducting lengths include two way splitter, options with single ducting lengths include one way ouetl


Heating Capacity = 106kW / 361000Btu/hr
Weight = 184kg
H x W x D = 1100 x 812 x 2106mm
Hose Diameter = 500mm
Tank Capacity = 135 litres
Consumption Rate = 9.3 l/hr
Airflow = 5300m³ / hr


What's In The Box

1x Arcotherm Phoen Indirect Oil Fired Heater
1x Ducting Adaptor
1x Ducting and Splitter Combination of Your Choice
1x Thermostat c/w 10m Lead
1x Flue Pipe
1x Rain Cowl
FREE Delivery (Mainland UK)

Customer Reviews

Keeps us warm

Very useful to have, don't know how we didn't get by without it before - robust and reliable Delivery was rapid, impressed with the quaality too thank you

matt santos


Does a standup job, very pleased with material quality and fast arrival

lester moran

Great, thanks!

very happy about delivery time, let alone this reliable addition to our kit

Meelis Grimley


craig lalljee



positive experience

shashi archer

Well made

Great price for such a quality heater, reliable and superior to the others I've looked at would recommend, for both product quality and value, and quick shipping!. Sturdy and amazing value for money, as well as fast delivery

Mr Grahams


A great purchase, hard wearing and works perfectly

pete westrop

Must have

delivered just on time - absolute life saver! Clearly high quality materials, thankyou

Mr Bartlett



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