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  • Thermobile IMA 111 - Indirect Space Heaters - 230v/400v

Thermobile IMA 111 - Indirect Space Heaters - 230v/400v 110kW

  • 375,540 BTU/hr Powerful Portable Indirect Heat
  • Runs on Diesel or Kerosene with External Tank
  • Duct Warmth Over Long Distances
  • Flue, Thermostat & Ducting Accessories Available
  • Ideal For Construction, Warehouses, Factories & More
  • Choice Of Internal Fans & Voltages Available
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100% Clean Hot Air: The heater blows out 100% clean, fume-free warm air from its warm air outlet. This makes it ideal for heating enclosed areas safely, such as marquees and tents, workshops, warehouses, areas on construction sites and much more.

Ducting Connection: Sections of ducting can be attached to this heater, in order to direct the clean warm air into the space that you need to heat.

Flue Gas Exhaust: Combustion by-products are exhausted out of the top of the heater. Sections of flue pipe are available separately, allowing you to safely vent exhaust fumes away from the space.

Fan Options Available: The axial version, the IMA 111AX, generates up to 130Pa of pressure build up, whereas the radial fan version, IMA 111RAD, offers up to 300Pa of pressure. The high pressure radial fan version, IM 111RHP, offers up to 500 Pa - ideal for distributing air through long lengths of ducting.

Tough & Robust: Built to perform in challenging areas, including construction sites, workshops, warehouses, agriculture, events and more.

Portable Design: Forklift slots, large wheels and a handle make the heater very portable. It is easy to transport, position and re-position when required on site.

Thermostat Connectivity: An optional heavy duty thermostat can be connected to this heater, allowing you to set a required temperature within the space. The thermostat will switch the heater on and off as required in order to maintain the set temperature. This saves fuel and adds extra convenience.

Tigerloop Included: This heater features no internal fuel tank. It is designed to be connected to an external fuel tank of your choice. The tigerloop removes any air from the fuel as it enters the heater.

Fan Only Switch: Allows the fan to operate without heat in order to ventilate areas when required.


Power and portability combined

Highly efficient heating and drying.

Offering exceptional heat throw at up to 92% efficiency, the IMA 111 Oil Fired heater from Thermobile is one of the most robust units of its type on the market today.

Heavy-duty performance

Ideal solution for larger industrial and commercial locations.

Equally at home taking on heavy-duty drying jobs in agricultural, construction or industrial settings as it is heating commercial or leisure premises like marquees, garages, workshops and sports hall these units emit 100% dry, clean air at up to 375,000 Btu/hr, making it both safe to use and more efficient than its competitors. Coming complete with tigerloop, flue and thermostat connections, and burner with overheating protection as standard, the IMA 111 is available in three different fan types: axial, RDD and Radical HP. The IMA 111 AX (axial) offers up to 130 Pa pressure build-up (to be used without or with single hoses with few curves), the IMA 111 RDD serves up 300 Pa with it’s very high-pressure fan whereas the IMA 111 RHP gives the highest pressure of this particular range, up to 500 Pa.

Expertly designed and built to last

Manufactured by one of the most reliable brands in the business - Thermobile.

Despite the undoubted performance of all its variants, the IMA 111 heater maintains great practicality features including forklift slots for easier lifting to different levels. The body itself also comes with large wheels and all-round protection bars to make transportation between or around sites easier and give you peace of mind that the internal workings of the heater are well protected during the process. Please observe all manufacturer recommended conditions and safety information when operating these heaters, and ensure correct and suitable ventilation is properly implemented before use. For more information on the Thermobile IMA 111 Indirect Oil Fired heaters, accessories, spares or any other heater in National Heater Shops’ extensive range, then call our friendly experts on the sales team today.

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Thermobile IMA 111 AX Heater Specifications
Part number: 41.724.800
Heat Capacity: 110kW
Fuel consumption oil (l/hr): 10.9
Fan: Axial
Heated air flow (m3/hr): 5800
Maximal ventilator backpressure: 130
Power consumption (Amps): 4.4 / 230V
Outlet cone Ø (mm): 500
Flue connection Ø (mm): 200
Thermostat connection: YES

Thermobile IMA 111 RAD Heater Specifications
Part number: 41.724.710
Heat Capacity: 110kW
Fuel consumption oil (l/hr): 10.9
Fan: Radial
Heated air flow (m3/hr): 8000
Maximal ventilator backpressure: 300
Power consumption (Amps): 15 / 230V
Outlet cone Ø (mm): 500
Flue connection Ø (mm): 200
Thermostat connection: YES

Thermobile IMA 111 RHP Heater Specifications
Part number: 41.724.210
Heat Capacity: 110kW
Fuel consumption oil (l/hr): 10.9
Fan: High Pressure Radial
Heated air flow (m3/hr): 10,000
Maximal ventilator backpressure: 500
Power consumption (Amps): 7.5 / 400V
Outlet cone Ø (mm): 500
Flue connection Ø (mm): 200
Thermostat connection: YES

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Robust and great quality

delivered just on time - absolute life saver! Clearly high quality materials, thankyou

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Works perfectly

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Top quality as always

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What an investment



Really happy with this! Top quality, will last well and does a great job

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Tough and reliable

Quick shipping, no messing around, trusty product - very pleased

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durable and efficient




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