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Garage Heaters

We offer a wide range of garage heaters, ideal for keeping you warm and comfortable while working. Whether it is a hobby garage at home or a commercial garage workshop you are looking to heat, we can provide a suitable unit from top brands such as Arcotherm, Herschel & Thermobile.

Garage Heaters

Keep cold & frost at bay while working

National Heater Shops has a great selection of garage heating options available, to transform an uncomfortable, unproductive and chilly garage into a warm and comfortable workspace.

Heating a garage is not easy either, as they tend to be poorly insulated, draughty and damp.

Thankfully, there are plenty of heating options available for garages – meaning you can stay warm regardless of the outside temperature.

What is the best heater for a garage?

The best heater for your garage depends on what you use your garage for, the size of the garage and how much time you spend in there.

If you have a small garage at home for hobbies and DIY projects, your requirements will be different than if you have a large commercial garage workshop to heat.

For a small domestic garage, you may only need a small electric fan heater or infrared heater. For a well-ventilated commercial garage with open shutter doors, an LPG or diesel fuelled space heater may be best. For large commercial garage workshops, a fixed cabinet heater may offer the best heating solution.

What is the safest way to heat a garage?

Electric heaters, indirect fired heaters and cabinet heaters produce completely clean warm air, so they can be used safely in enclosed indoor spaces, such as garages with closed doors.

LPG space heaters and direct oil-fired space heaters must only be used in spaces with adequate ventilation, such as a garage with a large open door. They must not be used in a closed garage.

Types of Garage Heater

Electric Garage Heaters

Our range of electric heaters includes models both for home and industrial use. We have 3kW fan heaters that can run on a standard domestic 240v electricity supply, as well as 110v options for site use. We also offer larger industrial electric heaters which run on 400v (3-phase) power supply, offering heat outputs of up to 42kW. These heaters offer clean warm air quickly.

Infrared Garage Heaters

We have a brilliant range of infrared garage heaters available. These heaters are great for use in domestic garages or commercial spaces.

Our infrared garage heaters are high quality, reliable and efficient - providing instant, natural, radiant heat. They do not heat the air within a space to keep people warm. Instead, they heat people and objects directly.

They work instantly, they are cost effective, cheap to run, easy to install, need no maintenance, and offer a long service life. Using an infrared garage heater regularly during colder, wetter months can even help to reduce the damage caused by damp and mould.

We have a range of portable infrared heaters and wall mounted heaters available with different heat outputs to ensure we can supply the right appliance for every size space. They are stylish and are tough and durable enough to cope with the adverse conditions of a garage.

Diesel-fuelled infrared heaters such as the Airrex AH-300i offer higher temperature output, for heating larger industrial spaces. As this particular range produces such a little amount of exhaust fumes, it is safe to use indoors in a ventilated space.

LPG Heaters

Gas heaters are a great option for garages thanks to their ability to provide fast, efficient and cost-effective heat. Though they must only be used in garages when the shutter doors are open and providing adequate ventilation.

Can a propane heater be used in a garage?

A propane heater can be used in a garage if there is adequate ventilation, such as a large open garage doors. A propane must not be used in an enclosed indoor space.

Diesel Space Heaters

There are two types of portable diesel space heater – direct fired heaters and indirect fired heaters. Direct fired heaters offer an efficient method of producing large volumes of warm air, however they must only be used in well ventilated spaces. They must not be used in enclosed indoor spaces.

Indirect fired heaters feature a flue system, so they blow only clean warm air out of the front of the unit. Exhaust fumes are expelled out of the top of the machine via the flue. The warm air can be ducted into the space, or the heater can be placed inside and a flue set up to exhaust the fumes outside.

Cabinet Heaters

Cabinet heaters are designed to be installed in the space. These fixed industrial heaters are available in a wide range of sizes and fuel options, from the 18kW Arcotherm Vertigo, up to the 97kW Thermobile ProHeat 100. They provide high volumes of 100% clean warm air for safely heating indoor industrial spaces.

Waste Oil Heaters

Waste oil cabinet heaters, also known as multi fuel heaters, can be fuelled using biofuels, rapeseed oil and certain vegetable oils, as well as waste engine oil. These heaters are often used in garage workshops to provide a convenient and effective source of heat.

If you need help deciding on which heater is right for you, enquire online via LiveChat or over the phone with our sales team for more information or advice.