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Garage Heaters

We have a wide selection of garage heaters that are perfect for keeping your garage at the ideal temperature. Choose from our fantastic range of garage heaters, including infrared heaters, electric fan heaters, direct space heaters, indirect heaters, cabinet heaters and more. We supply garage heaters from trusted brands such as Master, Elite, Herschel, Dania, Thermobile, Broughton, Arcotherm and Airrex.

Garage Heaters

Fantastic range of garage heating solutions

National Heater Shops has a huge collection of garage heaters and garage heating options that will help transform an uncomfortable, unproductive, and chilly workspace into a warm haven thanks to a simple garage heater from trusted manufacturers like Master, Elite, Herschel, Dania, Thermobile, Broughton, Arcotherm and Airrex.

Heating a garage is not easy either, as they tend to be poorly insulated, draughty and damp. Thankfully, there are plenty of heating options available for garages – meaning you can stay warm and continue working comfortably, regardless of the outside temperature. When deciding which type of heater you need, it can be helpful to consider things such as the size of your garage and when you will use the heater.

We have a great range of heaters that represent some of the best garage heaters in on the market in terms of functionality, quality and value. We have both gas and electric heaters, as well as both portable and wall-mounted heaters. Gas heaters are a great option for garages thanks to their ability to provide fast, efficient and cost-effective heat. Though they must only be used in garages when the shutter doors are open and providing adequate ventilation. A direct fired gas or diesel heater must not be used indoors in a poorly ventilated space.

Infrared heaters such are also a good option for garages. Instead of heating the air within a space, infrared garage heaters warm people and objects directly. Infrared heaters work instantly, they are cost-effective, cheap to run, easy to install, need no maintenance and have a long service life. Need help deciding on a garage heater? Why not contact a member of our experienced and knowledgeable team today. You can order online or over the phone with our sales team. Enquire online via live chat or over the phone with our sales team for more information or advice.

Master Garage Heaters: Ranging from budget infrared garage heaters like the Master TS 3A Infrared Heater to the more powerful Master B150 Direct Space Heater, Master Climate Solutions is a world leader in portable heating.

Elite Garage Heaters: From portable fan heaters like the Elite EHFH to the Elite Heat Quartz Infrared Heater, Elite Heat have a wide range of suitable garage heaters for commercial and industrial applications.

Herschel Garage Heaters: Ideal for garages, workshops, warehouses and more, the Herschel IRP4 2600 Infrared Heater can be fixed to ceilings for fast and reliable heat.

Thermobile Garage Heaters: Offering everything from the Thermobile GR Direct Fired LPG Heater to the 97kW heating power of the Thermobile ProHeat 100 (ErP) Oil Fired Cabinet Heater, Thermobile has a great choice available when it comes to choosing the right garage heater for a range of different sized spaces.

Dania Garage Heaters: With six different vertical and horizonal positions, the Dania SH Wall Mount Electric Fan Heater is a great choice when it comes to garage heaters and is available in 6kW, 9kW, 12kW & 15kW power models.

Broughton Garage Heaters: One of Europe’s best-established manufacturers of industrial climate control equipment, Broughton has an impressive range of garage heaters such as the Broughton Mighty Heat FFVH32 360° Electric Heater. This three-phase electric garage heater can distribute 18kW of heat at 360°, which makes it perfect for keeping workers warm on site, in a warehouse, factory or workshop.

Arcotherm Garage Heaters: From the Arcotherm Vertigo Cabinet Heater, which is one of the most compact diesel cabinet heaters available on the market, to the huge 94kW heating power of the Arcotherm Confort 100 (ErP) Cabinet Heater, Arcotherm is a specialist in portable space heaters for industrial applications.

Airrex Garage Heaters: Emissions are so low from the diesel-fuelled Airrex AH-200i, Airrex AH-300i and Airrex AH-800i range of infrared heaters that they can be used indoors in well-ventilated spaces without the need for an exhaust pipe. They also boast WiFi connection and are extremely cost-effective, which is what makes them a popular choice for garage heaters.