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Sealey DEH10001 Industrial Fan Heater with 6m Ducting - 3 Phase 10kW

  • Sealey DEH10001 Industrial Fan Heater with 6m Ducting - 3 Phase
  • 10kW / 34,140 BTU Heat Capacity
  • 1,063 m³/h Airflow
  • Two Heat Settings
  • 100% Clean Heat
  • Thermostat Control
  • Adjustable Louvres
  • Compact & Portable Design
  • Ventilation Mode
  • Supplied with 6m Ducting Hose
  • Ideal For Workshops & Garages
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10kW Heat Capacity: Great capacity for large workshops, garages, construction sites & more.

Two Heat Settings: Allows the Sealey DEH10001 space heater to operate at full capacity of 10kW of half capacity of 5kW.

Adjustable Thermostat: Allows you to select a required temperature and the heater will switch itself on and off as required to maintain the set temperature, adding convenience and saving money on running costs.

Adjustable Louvres: Allow you to direct warm air where it is required.

Compact & Portable Design: Easy to transport around and place wherever required, for fast & effective heating.

Fan Only Mode: Operates the fan without the heating element, for ventilation during warmer months.

6m Ducting Hose Included: Allows you to vent the warm air into other spaces, to heat areas away from the unit more effectively.

Power Cable Included: Supplied with 3ph power cable and 32A plug.


Sealey DEH10001 Industrial Fan Heater

10kW industrial electric fan heater with 6m ducting hose

The Sealey DEH10001 Industrial Fan Heater is a 10kW electric heater, supplied with a 6m ducting hose.

This compact 400v 3-phase space heater can be used in workshops, garages and other industrial spaces to keep workers and materials warm on site.

This electric heater has two heat settings - so it can operate at full capacity of 10kW or half capacity of 5kW. It features a thermostat dial, adjustable louvres on the warm air outlet and a fan only mode which operates the fan without the heating element, for ventilating spaces on warmer days. A carry handle on top of the unit makes it very easy to carry around.

As it is an electric heater, the Sealey DEH10001 produces completely clean and dry heat, so it can be used safely in enclosed indoor spaces.

The 6m ducting hose can be fixed on to the warm air outlet, to vent the warm air into spaces away from the unit - ideal for a range of industrial heating applications.


Model: DEH10001
Power: 19kW / 5kW
Supply: 400v-3 Phase / 32A
Airflow Rating: 1,063m³/h
Size (W x D x H): 440 x 300 x 430mm
Weight: 14.8kg

What's In The Box

Sealey DEH10001 10kW Electric Fan Heater (400v)
3 Phase Power Cable & 32A plug
6m ducting hose

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