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Commercial Dehumidifiers

Commercial Dehumidifiers

Perfect for offices, shops, leisure facilities & more

We have a fantastic range of commercial dehumidifiers available from some of the most reputable brands in the industry. Commercial dehumidifiers are ideal for use in offices, shops, libraries, museums, hotels, bars, restaurants, warehouses, factories, swimming pools, spas and much more. They are suitable for a large range of environments and, in many sectors, they are vital appliances. Commercial dehumidifiers are useful in these different environments as they help maintain specific conditions and reduce the level of relative humidity within a space. When excess moisture is trapped within a commercial space, it can lead to condensation on windows and other surfaces. Moisture on surfaces can result in damp patches, mildew, mould, sticky air and musty smells. This can seriously impact the appearance of a building or business, as well as presenting a health hazard. High humidity can also lead to the deterioration of furnishings, important documents, artwork, books, machinery, electronic equipment and other valuables. You can protect these items with a dehumidifier. The ideal level of indoor humidity should be between 30% - 50% and using a commercial dehumidifier is a simple and effective way to control the humidity levels within a space.

Our commercial dehumidifier range includes portable dehumidifiers, wall-mounted dehumidifiers, ductable dehumidifiers, and more. They are robust appliances that can stand up to more adverse conditions and fast-moving working areas. We supply commercial dehumidifiers from top brands such as Woods, Master, Dantherm, Thermobile, and Ecor Pro. They are available in a range of sizes and capacities suitable for all regular and niche applications. We sell refrigerant dehumidifiers - sometimes known as compressor dehumidifiers. They reduce humidity by taking in damp air through a vent and passing it through a refrigerated element. The temperature of the vapour in the air is lowered below its dew point so that it condenses into a liquid. The water then drips into a collection tank or is drained away via an outlet. Refrigerant dehumidifiers are ideal for the average to warm temperatures of around 5℃ - 40℃. We also supply desiccant dehumidifiers. These are far more effective in colder temperatures. They use a mesh of desiccant material that absorbs moisture like a sponge. Internal fans draw humid air into the appliance and push dry air back out into the space while the moisture is vented away separately as a vapour via a wet air exhaust outlet. Some desiccant dehumidifiers can even work efficiently in temperatures as low as -20℃! If you have any questions about what commercial dehumidifier you need for the application, you can contact us by email, live chat, or phone.