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  • Trotec 1008631 Qube+ Pressure Drying System

Trotec 1008631 Qube+ Pressure Drying System 250 m³/h

  • Replaces 4 Devices With One
  • Up To 75 % Smaller Than Competitors
  • Carrying, Lifting, Stacking 50 % Less
  • Fully Automatically (Hidry Automatism)
  • Coloured Power Control Indication
  • Additional Cost-Efficient HEPA Filtration
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Compact: Achieves up to 20 % more area output while being 50 % lighter and 50 % smaller than the tower model. Up to 75 % smaller than constructions from rivals. Carrying, lifting, and stacking 50 % less.

Energy-Efficient: The Qube+ sets the standard for the most energy-efficient insulation dryer in the entire industry is the superior solution both economically and energetically.

 Efficient: Up to 20 % more area output than a comparable MultiQube system.

Adaptronic Power Control: For flexible low-pressure surface drying operations ranging from 10 m² to 85 m².

Quick Drying: The quickest possible drying owing to the globally unique HiDry automatism for all performance levels.

4 In 1: Takes the place of 4 devices: water separator, HEPA filter, silencer, and any side channel compressor with a performance class from 0.4 kW to 3 kW.

Flexible Filter System: With on-demand HEPA filter usage to reduce consumption costs.

DA 4 Interface:  For real-time remote monitoring of the system status and drying progress.

Optiflow NT: A multi-function display with plain text status indication and colour illumination for power control.

Digital Counter:  for operating hours and energy consumption

Integrated Thermal Protection: To prevent damages to the drying devices, stock, and building structure.

In-Depth Function: Comes with night operation – whisper mode and non-wearing touchscreen control panel.


Trotec Qube+ Pressure Drying System

A Compact & Versatile Device

The Trotec Qube is one of the most versatile and effective drying solutions on the market. The four-step variable turbo motor produces up to 20,000 rpm and guarantees maximum efficiency at any power level. Due to the integrated HiDry automatism, the current volumetric flow is recorded continually in m³/h and the airflow rate is automatically adjusted to the optimum value. Quickly alternate between the higher performance class or the whisper mode.

Powerful & Economic

Cheap & Effective

The power consumption of these dryers is at a minimum ensuring that your drying needs can be achieved at a minimal energy cost. These eco-friendly units come with four power stages. Power stage one is ideal for the economical drying of smaller surfaces. At this level, the Qube+ offers the same output as a 0.4 kW side channel compressor but uses 70 % less power. The power stage offers an output of a 0.8 kW side channel compressor. Power stage three is about 10 % more powerful than a side channel compressor with 1.1 to 1.3 kW power output. Power stage four is around 160 % of the output of a 1.1 kW to 1.3 kW side channel compressor and offers about 95 % of the performance of a 3-kW side channel compressor.

Automatic & Efficient

Adaptive Operation

The Qube+ comes with the HiDry automatic control system. This adjusts the performance based on volumetric flow automatically ensuring the most efficient performance in each stage for every drying installation. Much like cruise control in a car, the sensor-supported HiDry automatism dynamically adjusts the volumetric flow rate to the pre-set optimum value of the chosen power stage. Over the entire drying process, the HiDry ensures that the turbo motor does not generate more power than needed.


General information
Article Number: 1.560.000.055
Suitable for surfaces sized up to (low pressure)
Level 1 [m²]: 25
Level 2 [m²]: 50
Level 3 [m²]: 85
Peak low pressure
Max. low pressure [mbar]: 220
Air volume (freely blowing)
Max. air volume freely blowing [m³/h]: 250
Volumetric flow rate HiDry (sucking in)
Level whisper mode [m³/h]: 90
Level 1 [m³/h]: 90
Level 2 [m³/h]: 140
Level 3 [m³/h]: 160
Level Boost mode [m³/h]: 180
Motor power
Level min. [kW]: 0.2
Level Max. [kW]: 1.2
Sound values
Level min. - Distance 3 m [dB(A)]: 48
Level Max. - Distance 3 m [dB(A)]: 62
Collection container
Volume [l]: 10
Electrical values
Mains connection: 230 V/50 Hz
Nominal current consumption [A]: 6.7
Recommended fusing [A]: 16
Electric connection
Connection plug: CEE 7/7
Cable length [m]: 3.5
Length (packaging excluded) [mm]: 490
Width (packaging excluded) [mm]: 500
Height (packaging excluded) [mm]: 735
(packaging excluded) [kg]: 25.2

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