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Mobile Industrial HVAC Solutions

Brand Overview & History

Trotec is a climate control solutions manufacturer based in Heinsberg, Germany. Product development is rooted in the belief that prioritising absolute precision, ergonomics, advanced technology and sustainability will achieve sufficient solutions for any scenario.

Whether you require efficient air conditioning to preserve important historical artifacts in museums and galleries, or marine-grade climate control for industrial applications, or you are browsing for a simple air treatment device for your house or office, Trotec aims to supply solutions for all.

The main motivation for Trotec’s engineers is to provide a new hero for every unsolved problem their customers face. With a heavy focus on ergonomics, Trotec develops products designed to ensure ease of use and durability—delivering consistent performance in any environment. Trotec consistently invests in research and development to improve product intelligence and advance technologies exploited by each product to create state-of-the-art, sophisticated solution-oriented appliances that Trotec is proud to provide.

Product Portfolio

Trotec supplies a range of portable air conditioners, air purifiers and dehumidifiers for industrial and commercial settings. The Trotec PT SP Portable Air Conditioner range consists of a variety of powerful 3-in-1 climate control appliances for versatile portable cooling and drying. By incorporating air conditioning, spot cooling and dehumidification into a single unit, the Trotec PT SP series supplies a comprehensive and flexible climate solution for a diverse spectrum of spaces such as offices, showrooms, catering, server and network rooms. As each device is equipped with an intuitive digital touchscreen control panel, the series underscores Trotec’s philosophy of ergonomics, facilitating user-friendly functionality. The unit is also completely convenient as it is designed to be effortlessly wheeled into place. Plus, you can simply plug it in and play, achieving instantaneous air treatment results.

The Trotec Airozone Ozone Generator is a superb series, offering a safe solution for professional air disinfectant applications. The unit will efficiently eliminate infectious pathogens and pollutants while using less chemicals than standard practical means of sanitising spaces. Each device is equipped with an insulated dielectric barrier that produces a high ozone output of 10,000 to 20,000mg/h to apply a particularly reactive ozone concentration, resulting in rapid decay of infectious germs by oxidation. With automated treatment available, the disinfectant process can ensue night and day, offering a quick, seamless solution for professional air treatment.

Trotec’s portfolio of dehumidifying products is highly impressive with even higher dehumidification capacities, consisting of compact condensing drying units to be used in any space. Fitted with attached wheels and handles, these units feature an ergonomic construction for effortless operation, including a stackable design for easy, safe and space-saving storage. The dehumidifiers are equipped with an automatic defrosting function, when required, guaranteeing an efficient performance without defrost pauses on time interval during which no dehumidification occurs.

All Trotec appliances offer safe, efficient and optimal climate control solutions, designed with user-convenience in mind.

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Trotec provides tailor-made comfort and control for any climate. With powerful and portable air conditioners, air purifiers and dehumidifiers, Trotec supplies a solution for every situation, ensuring ergonomic devices to ensure that climate control is effortlessly simple.