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Biemmedue Arcodry DR 50 Professional Dehumidifier - 230v/110v 51 Litres

  • Biemmedue Arcodry DR 50 Professional Dehumidifier - 230v/110v
  • Biemmedue Arcodry DR 50 Professional Dehumidifier - 230v/110v
  • Biemmedue Arcodry DR 50 Professional Dehumidifier - 230v/110v
  • Biemmedue Arcodry DR 50 Professional Dehumidifier - 230v/110v
  • Removes Up To 51 Litres Per Day
  • Electronic Control Board
  • Graphic Display & Interactive Diagnostics
  • Built-In Digital Humidistat
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Hermetic Rotary Compressor
  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerant
  • 230v Model Expected April
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51 Litre Extraction Rate: This per 24hour drying capacity is ideal for handling excess moisture in any space.

Electronic Control Board & Interactive Graphic Diagnostics: The Arcodry DR 50 is intuitive, easy to operate, and the graphic display is clear and concise.

Integrated Digital HumidistatThis feature allows the dehumidifier to switch itself on and off automatically to maintain a set humidity level.

Hermetic Rotary Compressor: The sealed and airtight compressor allows the fan to draw in moist, ambient air efficiently.

Automatic Defrost: An injection of hot gas engages to melt ice built-up on the coils, to ensure efficient performance over long periods and in colder conditions.

17L Water Tank: The water collection tray gathers moisture extracted from the air. You can program the dehumidifier will automatically shut down when the tank fills to prevent spills. 

Accessories Available: You can add a great range of accessories to customize the Arcodry DR 50, including a water pipe kit with connection and gasket for permanent drainage.

Robust & DurableThe body is made of painted galvanized sheet metal.

Portable Design: This dehumidifier is compact and manoeuvrable. It has wheels at the base and a telescopic handle, so you can move it around easily.

Eco Friendly Gas Conformity: The Arcodry DR 50 uses R454C refrigerant, which meets the 2020 EU regulation standards.


Biemmedue Arcodry DR 50 Professional Dehumidifier

Removes up to 51.44-litres of moisture a day

The Biemmedue Arcodry DR 50 professional dehumidifier can remove up to 51.44-litres of excess moisture from a space in 24 hours. You can use it for managing moisture and humidity control in commercial and industrial areas. As the DR 50 speeds up drying and dehumidifies spaces, it is ideal for wet trades, water damage, and handling damp in warehouses, cellars, workshops, construction sites, and more. The body is made from sheets of painted, galvanised metal. It is durable and rugged enough to cope with demanding use. 

This professional dehumidifier has a built-in digital thermostat. This means that the dehumidifier will only run when the ambient temperature of the room is within the operating range. There is a 17-litre water tray that collects the water extract as it condenses. If the water tank fills, there is a full tank light and acoustic indicator. There is also a programmable auto-off setting that prevents spills if you let the dehumidifier run unattended. For a permanent dehumidifying solution that works continuously, you can buy a water pipe kit, so you can filter waste out to a drain.

The Acrcodry DR 50 refrigerant dehumidifier is highly portable. You can easily move it around and between rooms. It is light, with a compact, stackable design, making storage just as simple. The telescopic tubular handle and stain-resistant rubber wheels mean transport is no problem. The DR 50 is ideal if you need to dehumidify an area that is awkward to reach. For example, if you are drying a basement or cellar, you can buy a condensation pump kit as an accessory. The kit allows you to pump condensate up to a higher level, with a maximum lift of 5-metres.

This industrial dehumidifier is easy to use. You place it where it can work efficiently and plug it into a mains socket. There is a standard 230v model that works with any standard socket and a dual voltage model that you can switch to work with 240v household power supplies or 110v site supplies. The Arcodry DR 50 has an electronic control board with a clear display. The controls are intuitive, allowing you to control the settings as you need. If you have any problems, an interactive graphic diagnostics page makes it easy for you to understand issues or errors as they happen.


Working Temperature Range: 3-40°C
Working Humidity Range : 20-100%
Dehumidification Ability (@ 32°C - 90%): 51.44l/24h
(@ 30°C - 80%): 43.63l/24h
(@ 15°C - 70%): 16.50l/24h
Airflow: 450m3/h
Water Container Capacity: 17l
Power Supply: 1.50Hz 230v or Dual Voltage 230v/110v
Max Electrical Power (@ 32°C - 90%): 873W
Specific Energy Consumption (@ 32°C - 90%): 0.41kWh/l
(@ 30°C - 80%): 0.47kWh/l
(@ 15°C - 70%): 0.77kWh/l
Refrigerant: R454C
Compressor Type: Rotary
Protection Class: IP X4
Sound Level at 1 Metre: 59dBA
Dimensions (LxWxH): 554x568x777mm
Weight: 55kg

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