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  • Sealey SDH30 Industrial Dehumidifier - 230v
  • Sealey SDH30 Industrial Dehumidifier - 230v
  • Sealey SDH30 Industrial Dehumidifier - 230v
  • Sealey SDH30 Industrial Dehumidifier - 230v
  • Sealey SDH30 Industrial Dehumidifier - 230v
  • Sealey SDH30 Industrial Dehumidifier - 230v
  • Sealey SDH30 Industrial Dehumidifier - 230v
  • Sealey SDH30 Industrial Dehumidifier - 230v
  • Sealey SDH30 Industrial Dehumidifier - 230v
  • Sealey SDH30 Industrial Dehumidifier - 230v

Sealey SDH30 Industrial Dehumidifier - 230v 30 Litres

  • Extracts Up To 30 Litres Per Day
  • 7L Collection Tank
  • Operating Temp Range 5°C to 35°C
  • Built-in Humidistat & Digital Control Panel
  • Washable Activated Carbon Air Filter
  • Continuous Drainage Point
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Extracts Up To 30L/24hr: Great capacity from a compact and portable dehumidifier, to dry out spaces following leaks, floods and construction work, and to prevent condensation, damp and mould in a range of commercial and industrial spaces.

300m³/h Airflow Rate: Impressive airflow for a unit of its size. This model is great for spaces up to 50-120m³.

7L Water Collection Tank: Moisture extracted from the air is collected in the removable internal tank. The dehumidifier automatically shuts down when the tank fills to prevent overflow.

Hose Connection PointA hose can be connected to the dehumidifier to drain condensate down a drain. This is ideal for continuous usage without the need to empty the tank.

Tough Metal Casing: Designed for use in challenging industrial areas.

Simple Digital Controls: Intuitive controls allow easy use of the dehumidifier's functions.

Integrated Humidistat: Allows you to select a required humidity level and the dehumidifier will switch on and off automatically to reach and maintain the set level, saving energy and money.

24hr Timer: Allows you to programme the machine to operate for a set number of hours.

Washable Activated Carbon Filter: Collects dust from the inlet air to prevent it from clogging up the machine or from being circulated. This can be removed and cleaned when required.

Portable Design: Four castors and a large handle allow the dehumidifier to be moved around easily and used wherever it is needed.

Auto Defrost Function: Automatically engages to melt frost & ice buildup on the refrigerated coils, ensuring reliable performance in colder temperatures.


Sealey SDH30 Industrial Dehumidifier

Portable 30L dehumidifier for commercial & industrial applications

The Sealey SDH30 is a portable industrial dehumidifier with capacity to extract up to 30 litres of moisture from the air per 24 hours. This professional dehumidifier features a tough metal outer casing, portable design and simple digital control panel. It can be used to dry out rooms following leaks and floods, to manage humidity levels and prevent mould and condensation in workshops, garages and storage facilities or to dry out spaces following construction and decorating work.

With an operating temperature range of 5-35°C, the Sealey SDH30 industrial dehumidifier works effectively in a range of challenging areas. It features humidistat control, timer control, 7 litre water collection tank and a washable activated carbon air filter. It also features a hose connection point, which can be used for continuous drainage, so that the water tank does not need to be emptied manually continuously.

The SDH30 dehumidifier has maximum air flow of 300m³/h and it is suitable for spaces up to 50-120m³.

An automatic defrosting function engages to melt frost and ice build-up on the refrigerated coils. This ensures efficient and reliable operation even in colder and more challenging conditions.


Model: SDH30
CO2 Equivalent: 0.6t
Condensate Tank: 7L (with Auto-Shut-Off)
Dehumidifying Capacity: 30L/Day(30°C RH80%)
Freezing Pressure (Max): 2.5MPa
Global Warming Potential (Rating): 3
Maximum Airflow: 300m³/hr
Power: 420W( 27°C RH60%), 500W(30°C RH80%)
Refrigerant: R290/0.12kg
Steaming Pressure (Max): 1.0MPa
Supply: 230V~50Hz
Working Space: 50-120m³
Working Temperature: 5-35°C


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