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  • EBAC RM40 Heavy Duty Refrigerant Dehumidifier 230v

EBAC RM40 Heavy Duty Refrigerant Dehumidifier 230v 10 Litres

  • Extracts Up To 10 Litres Per Day
  • 4L Collection Tank
  • Operating Temp Range 3°C to 35°C
  • Hot Gas Defrost
  • Adjustable Humidistat
  • Gravity Fed Drainage Possible
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Removes Up To 10L/Day: Great capacity for managing humidity problems in rooms around the home, garages and basements, as well as following plastering & decorating work.

Adjustable Humidistat: Set the desired humidity level and the dehumidifier will automatically switch itself on and off as required in order to maintain the set humidity level.

4 Litre Water Collection Bucket: Collects the condensate extracted by the dehumidifier. Features a switch which shuts the dehumidifier down when the bucket fills to prevent overflowing.

Gravity Fed Drainage Possible: A hose can also be fitted to this dehumidifier and condensate can be gravity fed to a drain, allowing more continuous operation.

Hot Gas Defrost: Hot gas from the compressor is automatically diverted into the evaporator coil, where it melts any ice that has formed on the evaporator coil, allowing the dehumidifier to continue to operate effectively over long periods and in cold conditions.

150m3 Airflow: Excellent capacity airflow. Allows the dehumidifier to perform effectively in areas up to 100m3.

Rotomoulded Polyethylene Casing: This, combined with the internal steel frame, protects internal components and withstands knocks and bumps.

Portable Design: Fitted with handles moulded into either side of the main body, as well as rugged castors, the unit can be wheeled to where it is needed.

Quiet Operation: With a low volume level of around 51db, this dehumidifier is the same normal conversion.

Washable Air Filter: Removes airborne dust particles to improve the quality of the circulated air.

Standard Voltage: This industrial-grade dehumidifier plugs into a standard 230-volt outlet.

Condensate Pump Version Available: A version of the EBAC RM40 dehumidifier is available with a condensate pump & 7.8m drain hose. View the EBAC RM40P dehumidifier.


EBAC RM40 Refrigerant Dehumidifier

Robust & reliable portable dehumidifier

The EBAC RM40 is robust and reliable electric dehumidifier that is built to deliver optimal performance in tough conditions.

Control humidity, tackle moisture problems and protect valuable materials by removing up to 10 litres of moisture every day with this energy efficient dehumidifier.

Ideal for professional and domestic use in dealing with the likes of burst pipes, leaking roofs, flooded washing machines, river floods and severe condensation, which can all have disastrous consequences if not treated quickly.

The RM40's rotomolded cover and base protects its internal components from knocks and bumps. It also has a galvanized steel subframe for strength and durability.

Portable 10 Litre Dehumidifier

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of mould and mildew is by using a dehumidifier, which helps dramatically reduce the moisture in the air.

The EBAC RM40 dehumidifier is an easy to use portable units. Just position the unit where it is needed, plug in, switch on and leave it to get on with the job. With its castor wheels and a handle, you will easily be able to move it from room to room.

This dehumidifier draws air in by means of an internal fan and it collects moisture from the air as it condenses onto a set of refrigerated coils.

The dry air is heated with the energy recovered during the drying phase and returned to the room.

The condensate is collected in an internal 4L bucket. It features a full indicator and pump fault indicator, which stops the dehumidifier when the buckets reaches maximum capacity or if is a fault, to prevent overflowing.

The water tank can also be removed and a hose can be placed over the spout inside the unit, so condensate can be gravity fed down a drain, for continuous operation.

A version of the this dehumidifier is also available with a condensate pump - the EBAC RM40P dehumidifier. The RM40P model features features a condensate pump and 7.8m drain hose, which automatically pumps condensate water away from the unit.

Humidistat Control

An adjustable humidistat on the EM40 dehumidifier allows you to set a desired humidity level and the dehumidifier will automatically switch itself on and off as required in order to maintain the set humidity level.

The EBAC RM40 is an industrial-grade dehumidifier that plugs into a standard 230-volt outlet. It also has a washable dust filter, which catches dust in the air to prevent it from being circulated by the dehumidifier.

Efficient & Convenient Drying System

Equipped with energy efficient heat pump technology, the EBAC’s running costs are very low.

Built to handle the harshest environments, these dehumidifiers have an airflow rate of 150m3/hr and boast an operating temperature range of 3°C to 35°C and a humidity range of 35 per cent to 90 per cent.

The RM40 is equipped with a hot gas defrost system, which ensures a quick and efficient clearing of ice from the coil, allowing a minimum operating temperature of 3°C.


Dimensions (H x W x D) mm: 620x385x360
Weight: 26kg
Voltage: 230v
Phase: 1
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 0.25kW
Current: 2A
Airflow: 150 m3/hr
Effective Volume: 100m3
Typical Extraction (30°C 80%RH): 10L per day
Operating Temp Range: 3°C - 35°C
Refrigerant Type: R290 Gas
On/Off Control Via Humdistat: Yes
Carrying Handle: Yes
Hot Gas Defrost: Yes
Electronic Defrost Timer: Yes
Castors: Yes
Free Standing: Yes
Integral Bucket: Yes
Gravity Drain: Possible
Rotational Moulded Body: Yes
Galvanised Steel Subframe: Yes


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