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  • Master DH 792 Industrial Dehumidifier 230v

Master DH 792 Industrial Dehumidifier 230v 100 Litres

  • Extracts Up To 100 Litres Per Day
  • 15L Collection Tank
  • Operating Temp Range 5°C to 35°C
  • Built-In Humidistat
  • 69 dB(A) Noise Level
  • Exceptionally Efficient R1234 Refrigerant
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3 Year Warranty


Extraction Rate of 100 Litres/Day: With the capacity to remove up to 100 litres of water within 24 hours, this dehumidifier is ideal for heavy-duty drying in areas with particularly high levels of humidity.

Integrated 15-litre Water Tank: These units feature a large internal water collection tank to help with the dehumidification process. 

Max Airflow Rate Of 1000 m³/h: Together with its impressive airflow, these dehumidifiers have an operational temperature range of 5 - 35℃ and a humidity range of 35 - 90%.

Durable Casing: The outer steel frame helps to protect the casing and acts as a stand and as a robust handle.

Built In Humidistat: It has user-friendly controls and an in-built humidistat that allows you to set the desired humidity level. When the relative humidity in the space varies from the set level, the machine will automatically turn on or shut down.

Quality Components: This dehumidifier has an hour counter and an air filter.

Hose Connection: If you want to run the dehumidifier for longer without having to empty the tank, you can fix a hose to the hose connection so that the condensation can flow to a drainage outlet.

Large Wheels & Handle: Two heavy duty wheels and a robust handle ensure this dehumidifier is capable of being moved to where it is needed the most.


Master DH 792 Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

Efficient, professional drying solution

The Master DH 792 dehumidifier is a highly efficient and effective machine that provides exceptional drying on site and in a range of industrial and commercial environments. Robust, cost-effective and reliable, these refrigerant dehumidifiers are suitable for challenging conditions and they can withstand the strain of regular use. While ideal for the construction industry, the DH 792 also has the practicality to integrate into commercial and domestic spaces too. These dehumidifiers are an extremely versatile pieces of equipment that can be used for flood drying, renovation, paint drying, and any other drying application. These professional dehumidifiers have an operational temperature range of 5 - 35℃, a humidity range of 35 - 90%, and with an airflow of 1000 m³/h.

High Performance Dehumidifiers

For practical & reliable drying

With the capacity to remove up to 100 litres of water within 24 hours, the Master DH 792 dehumidifier is ideal for heavy-duty drying in areas with particularly high levels of humidity. These dehumidifiers draw in large volumes of humid air through a vent and then pass the air through a refrigerated evaporator. The evaporator is kept cold and cools the air down to below its dew point. The moisture in the air then condensates and drains into the internal water collection tank. The dry air is then passed through a hot condenser before it is expelled back into the room and recycled.

Excellent Build Quality

Robust. Durable. Practical.

The Master DH 792 is designed with a neat appearance, compact configuration and it is manufactured with the highest quality materials and components. The high-level construction of Master products is intended to ensure reliability and functionality over long periods. The tough metal casing provides durability and stability. The outer steel frame helps to protect the casing and acts as a stand and as a robust handle. There are large wheels at the base of the unit to allow for transport to and from any job location. The mobility and strong structure of these dehumidifiers make them perfect for any environment such as cellars, attics, garages, warehouses, offices, museums, and more.


Master DH792 Dehumidifier Specifications

Length (mm) 620
Width (mm) 540
Height (mm) 1095
Weight (kg) 64
Type Compressor
Installation Type Free Standing
Voltage 230v
Humidistat Built in
Noise Level 69
Warranty 3 Years
Extraction Rate (L/24hr) 100
Extraction Method Tank with Gravity Drain

Customer Reviews

Got rid of that musty smell

garage feels warmer too - connected a piece of hosepipe so it drains through the wall , so don't have to empty the tank

Adrian Worthington

Easy to use

Have ordered from here before, consistently positive experiences and great qual products


What an investment

Trusty and hardwearing, arrived so quickly and easy to use!



angelo rolls

Tough and reliable


Quality product

Gerald Lawrence

Everything I needed

remo bains

Does the job well

High quality, durable, shipped fast - perfect

steve gearty


delivered just on time - absolute life saver! Clearly high quality materials, thankyou

Rex Needham



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