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  • EBAC RM85 Professional Restoration Dehumidifier - 230v/110v

EBAC RM85 Professional Restoration Dehumidifier - 230v/110v 30 Litres

  • Extracts Up To 30 Litres Per Day
  • Integrated Condensate Pump
  • Operating Temp Range 3°C to 35°C
  • Hot Gas Defrost Function
  • Washable Air Filter
  • High Quality Rotary Compressor
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Removes Up To 30L/Day: The Ebac RM85 dehumidifier is ideal for drying out rooms following leaks, floods and wet trade work, up to 250m3/h.

Integrated Condensate Pump: Automatically pumps the extracted moisture out of the unit via a hose, meaning there is no need to empty a water collection tank. Ideal for continous operation. The 3m maximum pump height allows water to be pumped out of basements & cellars with ease.

Pump Purge Switch: Allows the condensate pump to be drained quickly and conveniently before moving the dehumidifier to a new location, preventing messy water spills.

High Quality Rotary Compressor: Ensures high-capacity moisture removal and low running costs.

Hours Run Meter: Displays accurate run time measurements of the machine, so you can monitor time on the job.

Cord Wrap & Hose Tidy: Neatly stores the electrical cord and drain hose to prevent damage during transport & storage.

Washable Air Filter: Removes airborne dust particles to improve the quality of the circulated air.

Hot Gas Defrost: Automatically melts frost and ice build-up on the refrigerated coils for efficient and reliable operation even in cold conditions.

Rotomolded Polyethylene Housing: Extremely durable outer casing protects internal components, withstands knocks and bumps and makes it easy to clean.

Portable Design: With large diameter wheels and a ridged moulded handle, you will easily be able to move the dehumidifier from room-to-room.


EBAC RM85 Compressor Dehumidifier

Heavy duty portable dehumidifier designed for water damage restoration

The Ebac RM85 is a tough, robust and portable industrial dehumidifier, designed for use in properties following leaks, floods and wet trade work.

This tough and portable dehumidifier features a robust rotomolded outer casing, which provides protection from knocks & bumps on site and makes the unit easy to clean.

Available in single voltage (230v) or dual voltage (230v/110v), this unit features no internal water tank and instead has an integrated condensate pump. This pump allows the dehumidifier to run continuously on site.

The 3m lift height makes it suitable for use in basements and cellars. With the aid of a purge facility, all residual water can be drained from the pump tank prior to moving the machine therefore eliminating the chances of spillage.

The handle and large diameter durable wheels ensure transport and manoeuvrability are not compromised. Its lightweight yet robust design is ideal for commercial and residential work. Its compact size permits one-man operation, yet it has the capacity to handle several room-size areas at a time. Multiple units can also be stacked on top of each other for easy transport and storage.

The RM85 is equipped with a “Hot Gas” defrost system, ensuring a quick and efficient clearing of ice from the coil, allowing a minimum operating temperature of 3°C.

The RM85 is supplied complete with cable and hose tidies. Not only does this reduce the possibility of damage when the units are transported, but also provides easy installation when positioning the equipment.

Please note that the Ebac RM85 does not have a humidistat function and is designed to be left to run continuously. A version of this dehumidifier is also available with a humidistat function - the EBAC RM85-H.


Dimensions (H x W x D) mm: 945 x 545 x 492
Weight: 45kg
Voltage: 230v or DV (230v/110v)
Phase: 1
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 0.68kW
Current: 230v 3A / - DV 3/6A
Airflow: 390 m3/hr
Noise Level: 52 dba
Effective Volume: 250m3
Typical Extraction (30°C 80%RH): 30L per day
Operating Temp Range: 3°C - 35°C
Refrigerant Type: R407c
On/Off Control Via Switch: Yes
Hours Run Meter: Yes
Integrated Condensate Pump: Yes
Pump Purge Switch: Yes
Hot Gas Defrost: Yes
Electronic Defrost Timer: Yes
Washable Filter: Yes
Handle: Yes
Large Diameter Wheels: Yes
Free Standing: Yes
Ductable: Yes
Cable Wrap: Yes
Moulded Mains Plug: Single voltage version only
Roto Moulded Body: Yes
Stackable: Yes

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