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  • Ebac CD35P Heavy Duty Refrigerant Dehumidifier with Condensate Pump - 230v

Ebac CD35P Heavy Duty Refrigerant Dehumidifier with Condensate Pump - 230v 10 Litres

  • Extracts Up To 10 Litres Per Day
  • Integrated Condensate Pump & Drain Hose
  • Operating Temp Range 3°C to 35°C
  • Hot Gas Defrost Function
  • Adjustable Humidistat
  • Plug & Play Design
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Removes Up To 10 Litres Per Day: The Ebac CD35P offers great capacity for drying rooms following plastering & decorating work, or managing humidity problems in a range of different spaces.

Condensate Pump: Integrated condensate pump with 7.8m hose automatically pumps away the moisture extracted from the air, for continous use.

Adjustable Humidistat: Set the desired humidity level and the dehumidifier will automatically switch itself on and off in order to maintain the set humidity level.

150m3/h Airflow: Excellent airflow for a unit of its size. Suitable for areas up to 100m3.

Rugged Steel Casing: Tough construction, capable of handling challenging conditions on site.

Portable Design: With its robust castor wheels and a sturdy handle, you can easily move this dehumidifier from room to room.

Hot Gas Defrost: Automatically engages to ensure that the dehumidifier continues to operate in cold conditions by melting frost and ice that develops on the coils.

Version With Tank Available: A version of the CD35 dehumidifier is available with a 4L water collection tank instead of a condensate pump. This offers a great value option where continuous operation is not as important. View the Ebac CD35 dehumidifier.


Ebac CD35P Dehumidifier With Condensate Pump

Portable heavy duty dehumidifier for continuous use

The Ebac CD35P is a robust and reliable compressor dehumidifier with an integrated condensate pump. It is ideal for drying out spaces following plastering and decorating work, leaks and floods, and humidity problems in basements, cellars, small archive areas, storerooms and more. This unit is capable of removing up to 10 litres of moisture per day from the air. It runs quietly and cost effectively, to cause as little disruption as possible.

The CD35P is equippmed with a condensate pump which automatically pumps away the moisture extracted from the air, via an included 7.8m hose. This allows continous use, without the need to keep emptying a water collection tank.

This unit also has an adjustable humidistat, so you can set the required humidity level within the space and the unit will automatically continue to run until it is achieved. With a maximum airflow of 150m3/hr, the Ebac CD35P heavy duty dehumidifier is suitable for areas up to 100m3.

Requiring no installation, this plug and play portable dehumidifier is ideal for combating condensation, damp, mould and mildew, as well as controlling general problems with high humidity.

It is lightweight and compact enough to be carried with ease. Just position the unit where it is needed, plug in, switch on, place the drainage hose into a drain and leave the dehumidifier to get on with the job.

A version of the this dehumidifier is also available with a 4L water collection tank instead of a condensate pump. The Ebac CD35 dehumidifier with 4L water tank provides a great value option if continuous operation is not as important.

The Ebac CD35P dehumidifier also has a hot gas defrost function, which ensures the dehumidifier continues to work effectively in low temperatures and over long periods. This function engages automatically to melt away frost and ice build-up on the refrigerated coils, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.


Dimensions (H x W x D) mm: 550x345x350
Weight: 26kg
Voltage: 230v
Phase: 1
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 0.25kW
Current: 2A
Airflow: 150 m3/hr
Effective Volume: 100m3
Typical Extraction (30°C 80%RH): 10L per day
Operating Temp Range: 3°C - 35°C
Refrigerant Type: R290 Gas
Carrying Handle: Yes
On/Off Control Via Humidistat: Yes
Hot Gas Defrost: Yes
Electronic Defrost Timer: Yes
Hours Run Meter: Yes
Castors: Yes
Free Standing: Yes
Integral Condensate Pump: Yes
Stoved Epoxy Finish: Yes
All Steel Construction: Yes


What's In The Box

Ebac CD35P Dehumidifier
Condensate Pump
7.8m Drainage Hose

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