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EBAC DD200 Industrial Portable Desiccant Dehumidifier 230v 22 Litres

  • EBAC DD200 Industrial Portable Desiccant Dehumidifier 230v
  • Extracts Up To 22 Litres Per Day
  • Compact & Portable Design
  • Tough & Robust Build Quality
  • Moisture Expelled As Vapour
  • Designed To Be Used With Ducting
  • 230v Power Supply
  • Hour Meter
  • Remote Humidistat Available
  • Ideal For Challenging Environments
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22L Per Day Capacity: Great moisture extraction capacity from a compact unit, to dry spaces out following leaks & floods, dry rooms following construction work, dry materials and ingredients in storage, and prevent moisture damage & corrosion.

Tough Stainless Steel Casing: Resistant to corrosion, suitable for a range challenging environments.

Silica Rotor: Efficiently absorbs moisture from the air, even in extremely low temperatures.

PTC Heater: Dries the rotor to expel moisture out of the unit as vapour.

Hour Meter: Allows you to monitor time on the job.

3 Hole Design: Air in, dry air out & wet air exhaust. Moisture is removed by the absorbent and it is purged from the system as water vapour. This means there is no internal water tank to empty and the dehumidifier can be left to run 24/7.

Duct Air In & Out: The dehumidifier has vents fitted with flanges. Air can be vented in and out using simple ducting.

Compact & Portable Size: Can be used in very small spaces, such as cabins, engine rooms, cupboards, crawl spaces and more.

Remote Humidistat Available: Allows you to set a desired humidity level and the unit will switch on and off as required to maintain the set humidity.


EBAC DD200 Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier

Tough, robust & compact desiccant dehumidifier capable of extracting 22L per day

The Ebac DD200 is the smallest desiccant dehumidifier within the EIPL range. Its compact, rugged and lightweight design facilitates easy transportation and allows it to be used for drying in small spaces.

This dehumidifier has moisture removal capacity of up to 22 litres per day. It is capable of operating at extremely low temperatures, where a compressor dehumidifier would fail to perform.

It can be used in a wide range of spaces to dry rooms out following leaks and floods, for process drying during manufacturing processes, and to prevent condensation, damp, mould, rot and corrosion.

As it is a desiccant dehumidifier, the Ebac DD200 extracts moisture from the air using a moisture absorbent silica gel on a rotor.

Silica gel is a hygroscopic material that absorbs moisture direct from the air. As air passes through the rotor, the humidity of the air is reduced, whilst the moisture content of the rotor is increased.

A smaller volume of air, the reactivation air, is heated by an internal PTC heater and passes through a portion of the rotor in the opposite direction. As this heated air passes through the rotor it will “reactivate” it by removing the moisture content from the silica gel material.

The reactivation air will leave the humidifier as warm, moist air and must be vented to outside of the building.

Continuous circulation of the room air through the dehumidifier unit gradually reduces the relative humidity in the room.

Lengths of ducting can be fixed on to the process air duct and regen air duct on this dehumidifier, so air can be ducted in and out from separate spaces.

The Ebac DD200 dehumidifier is a robust, compact unit designed to control the humidity in the enclosed space in which it is placed. The casing is fabricated from stainless steel and has been designed for the exacting conditions which can prevail in challenging spaces. It combines lightness and compactness with high reliability and strength. Carry handles are provide to contribute to its portability.

Manual / Automatic control is a standard feature within the DD range of desiccant dehumidifiers, and a remote humidistat can quickly and easily be connected for automatic operation. Remote humidistat available as optional accessory.


Dimensions (H x W x D): 340 x 330 x 380 mm
Weight: 17kg
Voltage: 230v
Phase: 1
Frequency (Hz): 50
Power (kW): 0.8
Current (A): 3
Process Airflow - Dry Air (m3/hr): 180
Regen Airflow - Wet Air (m3/hr): 50
Process Air Duct Size (mm): 130
Regen Air Duct Size - Wet Air (mm): 70
Rotor Wheel Speed (rph): 20
Typical Extraction(l/d): 22
Min Operating Temp (°C): -20
Max OperatingTemp (°C): 40
On/Off Control: Yes
Ammeter: Yes
Electronic Controls: Yes
Manual / Automatic Mode Selection: Yes
Remote Humidistat Sensor Facility: Yes
Hours Run Meter: Yes
Fitted Main Plug: Yes
Fan Speeds: 1
High Capacity PTC Heater: Yes
Process / Regen Air Fliter: Yes
Rubber Ani-Vibration Feet: Yes
Single Inlet Design: Yes
Free Standing: Yes
Humidistat: No
Carrying Handles: Yes
Stainless Steeel Construction: Yes
Inlet Duct Attachements: No
High Temperature Safety Cut-outs: Yes

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