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  • El-Bjorn TF36EL Electric Heater / Dryer

El-Bjorn TF36EL Electric Heater / Dryer 18kW to 36kW



The ultimate in versatility and performance

Clean, reliable 360° heating system - without fumes!

Part of a newly extended TVS range, that already features the popular TF9EL and TF18EL electric fan heaters, the TF36EL from El-Björn offers the exceptional heating performance in a much more compact package than competitors on the market today.

One of El-Björn’s primary concerns when designing this unit was to offer the best heating and drying results without compromising efficiency, and that certainly shines through when using the TF36EL. Boasting a full 36kW, with three power settings and two different fan speeds, this heater offers unrivaled versatility for a unit of its size and specification.

Quiet and easy-to-use, but powerful

Great for transporting between and around locations!

Quiet running, and equally at home indoors or out, this is a drying fan that has the capability to heat even larger spaces and areas comfortably and reliably. This unit can also be attached to existing ventilation systems to add a new dimension to your heating needs.

Despite its undoubted performance ability, this unit remains user-friendly and stars base mounted casters for simple and convenient transportation around or between sites and areas. A hard-wearing air filter also ensures good quality air is circulated, which promotes a healthy working environment.

To learn more about the El-Björn TF36EL, or any other unit in our extensive range of electric fan heaters we sell, contact our sales team today online or over the phone. Power cable sold separately on this class of El-Bjorn heater.

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Connector: 3N~400V
Rated current: 63 A
Voltage: 400 V
Output modes: 18 - 27 - 36 kW
Total thermal power: 36 kW
Airflow:2700 / 3900 m³/h
Noise level: 74,3 dB(A)
Weight: 164,5 kg
Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 1310 x 760 x 940 mm
Protection class IP44

Customer Reviews

electric heater

what a clever heater, the 360 degree heating works better than anything I have used before,

Ms Dobson

The 36kw Heater

The El Bjorn tf36el I would highly recommend!
We needed a 45kw heater but this one works so efficiently we don't even have it on the 36kw top setting!! it very quiet too which was a really nice surprise.
Very knowledgeable staff too might i add and the delivery was next day,
Ive never bothered to do a review before but this was due.
So thanks a lot ! i hope this helps others.


Wheely Good

Strong smooth wheels make it a breeze to move around, im glad they didnt put the cheap ones on like other companys, from top to bottom i cant say anything bad, heats like something twice its size and the distributor is a great idea

garth parcolazo

Dryer by El-bjorn

We took this on a recommendation over the phone,
it packs a punch, we only use the 18kw setting drying concrete but we have bigger plans for it in the future so the ability to select the 27/36 setting is ideal, you can select the fan speed too which actually comes in very handy for us, plus it works great as a heater
Great all in one unit.

Benn Rasool

Fan heater

I've had this heater for a few years but we had to import it, it great to see your now the main uk dealer, the uk has missed out on these for years, just ordered filter kits for our range and saved a packet, good luck for the future guys and thanks again for sorting the filters out
PS, for readers of this the heater is the best on the market (we know) you dont need spares/repairs or engineers to come out, they just work, keep on top of the filters yearly and youll have no complaints

jamil moll



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