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El-Bjorn TF9EL-S Electric Fan Heater / Dryer 9kW

  • El-Bjorn TF9EL-S Electric Fan Heater / Dryer


Compact, portable and convenient

Emergency, temporary, short-term or long-term heating solution

The El Bjorn TF9EL-S is a smaller version of the hugely popular TF18 electric fan heater model by El Bjorn. Designed for heating and drying smaller spaces such as apartments, offices, stairways, and events; the TF9EL-S electric fan heater is nevertheless designed with the same principles of efficient and effective heating, safety and reliability as the larger more industrial space heater models.

Built-to-last, and designed with the harshest conditions in mind

Includes 3-way directional outlets for up to 360° heated air flow

The El Bjorn TF9EL-S is a high quality and effective 9Kw electric fan heater constructed from robust corrosion-resistant galvanized and powder-coated sheet metal.

Featuring a powerful motor, efficient fan and compatible with up to 3 pieces of 125 mm outgoing air ducting (included), the TF9EL-S electric fan heater produces an efficient warm air flow in all directions. This makes it capable of heating spaces up to 175 m² or 625 m³, from a -13 °C outside temperature to 15-18 °C inside, with normal insulated walls in the building.

Equally at home on the ground, or mounted to walls

Robust chassis and smart design allows for flexible placement wherever required

Despite its power and heating efficiency, the TF9EL-S electric fan heater is designed to have a compact chassis for easy placement within confined areas such as apartments. This compact and surprisingly lightweight design allows it to be placed wherever needed or even attached on to a wall with it's included mount.

The efficient heating power and compact design of the El Bjorn TF9EL-S electric space heater combine perfectly to make this one of the best space heaters in its class on the market. El Bjorn space heaters, with their radial fans and 360° airflows, can heat spaces much more quickly efficiently and cost-effectively than comparable heaters from other brands on the market. 

El Bjorn TF9EL-S electric fan heaters are also safe and reliable space heaters. They are CE certified, S marked, classified as room heaters and rated to IP44 standard.


Technical Information:

Incoming 5-pol/400V 16A CEE 416-6 1 pcs
Incoming Cable Length: 6m
Area Cable: 5x2.5mm²
Connector: 3N~400V
Temperature increase 26 °C
Air flow 1250 m³/h
Noise level 65 dB(A)
Weight 18.9 kg
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 744 x 556 x 360 mm
Protection class IP44

Latest Reviews

El-Bjorn TF9EL

cracking heater, just ordered another for our events tent
we have one in the office which hangs on the wall and one in the workshop,they both work a treat, the workshop ones gets covered in crap though but the good thing is all the electrics come out on one panel (4 screws) then we jet wash it and put it back another heater on the market you can do that with!!
EL Bjorn for the Win!

roberto higginson

Heater Review

It's worth a good look at, we couldn't find anything better and looked for a long time, now a few weeks in we know we made the right choice.
we were using 3 fan heaters and the running cost was killing us, this has replaced all 3 heaters and its much much warmer and cheaper to run
Its all about the 360degree heating, why nobody else does this i dont know its like 3 times as efficient and 10x quicker to heat the room up - thanks Chris @ heater shops

jefrey lalljee

TF9 Wall heater

This is a nice bit of kit, wall mountable and you can angle the ducting elbows (which are actually included in the price)
We run a ducting off one into the next room too,its like have multiple heaters for the price of one.i would recommend this heater to anybody,there is nothing else like it around

steve milnes