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El-Bjorn TF3EL Electric Fan Heater / Dryer - 110v & 230v 2.8kW

  • El-Bjorn TF3EL Electric Fan Heater / Dryer - 110v & 230v

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Compact, quiet and reliable

Effective heating for smaller domestic, commercial and industrial locations

The TF3EL is an entry-level electric fan heater and dryer from El Bjorn, designed with the same principles in mind as their larger industrial heaters and dryers. The TF3EL electric heater dryer provides efficient and effective heating - as well as the reliability and safety credentials that you would expect from an industrial EL Bjorn space heater - but compacted down into a more convenient size for smaller applications.

The El Bjorn TF3EL is a high quality 2.8Kw electric fan heater constructed from robust corrosion-resistant galvanized and powder-coated sheet metal.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, such as apartments, homes, offices and more, the El Bjorn TF3EL electric fan heater is controlled via a 5-35°C continuously variable thermostat.

Integrated 360° distributor, and exceptional airflow

Packs plenty of power despite its smaller size

Due to its unique efficient fan and its integrated 360° air distributor, the El Bjorn TF3EL electric heater produces an impressive airflow rate of 450 m³/h and spreads the air evenly around the entire space. It's heating power, radial fan and 360° airflow make the El Bjorn TF3EL electric space heater much more efficient and effective than heaters of similar sizes from other brands on the market. Most other heaters of this size distribute their air in only one direction and have much less efficient axial fans. Simply, the El Bjorn TF3EL electric fan heater is better designed and has much more advanced features which allow it to heat spaces much more quickly and efficiently.

Expert Scandinavian design and build-quality from El-Bjorn 

Convenient for storage, transport around and between sites and day-to-day use

Despite its power and efficiency, the TF3EL electric space heater is compact and lightweight in design so it can be placed wherever needed or even mounted on to a wall. The heater unit is even designed to be stackable so that it takes up little space during storage and transport.

Importantly, the El Bjorn TF3EL electric fan heater is a professional standard, reliable and safe space heater. The TF3EL electric space heater is equipped with an overheating protector that resets automatically when the machine has cooled down, as well as a unique acoustic damping which ensures lowest noise output level. The El Bjorn TF3EL electric space heater is also CE certified and rated to IP44 standards.

Both 230v and 110v versions of the El Bjorn TF3EL electric space heater are available. For use with a standard UK mains electricity supply, please select the 230v version. For use on site, with generators, transformers or a 110v power supply, please select the 110v version.


Incoming 3-pol/110V 32 A CEE 232-4 1 pcs
Incoming Cable Length: 2m
Area Cable: H07RN-F 3x6
Connector: CEE 232-4
Rated current 27 A
Output modes 3,0 kW
Total thermal power 3,0 kW
Temperature increase 35 °C
Air flow 450 m³/h
Noise level: 60.9dB(A)
Weight 13,2 kg
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 500 x 295 x 300 mm
Protection class IP44

EL-Bjorn TF3EL

Upon delivery i was very impressed with the heater, well packaged and well built and robust
very easy to use, simple, heats up quickly and i would have said this was about 10kw not 3kw
Im using this to heat a small marquee, its works a treat!
the built-in thermostat works as it should and makes it more cost-effective to run,
placed in the middle of the room it works best, the heat comes out 360 degree, literally giving the same results as the 3 halogen heaters i was using before ...which was costing me a fortune to run
hands down a great investment for our company. i would highly recommend this product to anybody who reads this

Mr Culpin

Electric Heater

I can't believe just how good this thing works, why don't all heaters use this technology? heats up our guest flat to room temperature in ten mins flat, then turns its self off
We bought this to use as a temp heat source until we could afford a new boiler for the flat but have decided to keep this, its quiet, small and looks good, a few guests no doubt will be coming to you for some of these as everybody who stays has asked were to get one from !

Morven Fooks


5* review-outstanding heater for the man cave
30 mins and the cave is warm
seems cheap to run and only pulls 12 amps on 240v

Mr Charlesworth