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Drying Equipment

Efficient & reliable dehumidifiers

Our range of dehumidifiers and drying room equipment for sale is brand new, professional and from some of the leading manufacturers in the business including El-Bjorn, Thermobile and Master. Dehumidifiers and drying room equipment is important because it goes towards promoting the long-term health of both people and buildings alike through the prevention of mold, damp and decay.

An excess of moisture in the air can be caused by a number of factors, including paint and plaster drying, sites that are not yet weatherproofed or simply due to significantly different temperatures between the outside and inside, as well as moist heat being produced from direct-fired diesel, LPG or oil heaters. Without a dehumidifier, moisture becomes trapped within walls and floors which can lead to damp, decay and mold formation which can be detrimental to both the building itself, which can cost thousands to fix, as well as the health of any occupants or workers.

For more information on our range of dehumidifiers and drying room machines contact our friendly experts at the sales team today.