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Dehumidifiers & Drying Equipment

Efficient & reliable dehumidifiers

We have a complete range of quality dehumidifiers and versatile drying equipment available. We deal with some of the leading and most reputable dehumidifier manufacturers in the industry, including Master, Broughton, Woods, Thermobile, Dantherm, and Ecor Pro. We can supply you with the equipment that you need. Whether you need an industrial dehumidifier or a commercial dehumidifier for large scale restoration and drying applications. We also have domestic dehumidifier models that can be used in damp basements, attics, and laundry rooms at home, or small workshops and offices. Our range features wall mounted dehumidifier units plus portable dehumidifier models that are convenient and easy to install or carry from site to site. Dehumidifiers and drying equipment are essential because they promote healthy air for occupants and buildings through the prevention of mould, damp and decay. They are also crucial for spaces such as warehouses, libraries, museums, galleries, churches, and other areas where bacteria can damage sensitive equipment, stored items, and valuable items. Dehumidifiers can be extremely efficient in the UK due to the climate and humidity.

We have an excellent refrigerant dehumidifier range. They are ideal for all kinds of applications. They are often used for reducing the level of moisture and condensation in the air, drying fresh paint and decoration, drying damp patches, and for the restoration of areas after a flood. Refrigerant units usually perform well in average climates, and they have working temperature ranges of around 2℃ to 32℃. For more extreme climates, we have a desiccant dehumidifier range. A desiccant dehumidifier uses an adsorbent mesh to remove moisture from the air rather than using a cold surface to create condensation. Working in this way, desiccant dehumidifiers are more efficient in lower temperatures and can continue to work well in climates below 0℃. They are often used as boat dehumidifiers or in cold storage. They can be used to prevent the build-up of ice which can contribute to colder conditions and dangerous, slippery surfaces. This reduces the risk of accidents, frost damage, and defrosting times. Our dehumidifiers are available with a vast range of extraction capacities. We also have 220-240v, 110v, and 3 Phase units available. For more information, help, and advice contact us via online live chat or telephone to speak to our sales team.