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  • Elite BCE45 Evaporative Bio Cooler - 240v
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Elite BCE45 Evaporative Bio Cooler - 240v 45 Litres

  • 45L Tank Capacity
  • 4,500m³/hr Airflow
  • Impressively Quiet 40dB(A)
  • 15.5kg Portable Design
  • Direct Water Connection
  • Same-Day Dispatch (order before 12pm Mon-Fri)
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£340.00 (inc VAT)
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Max Airflow 4,500m³/hr: The Elite BCE45 Evaporative Bio Cooler is perfect for cooling commercial and industrial spaces up to 50m². It produces a cooling effect of 4°C to 12°C. 

Large Water Tank: The BCE45 evaporative cooler comes equipped with a 45-litre water tank. It is perfect for prolonged use without the need for constant refilling. It allows you to enjoy the cooling effect for as long as possible. 

Water Level Indicator: It also comes with an indicator that saves you the trouble of keeping a close eye on the water level.

3 Speed Options: There are 3 fan speeds available. This allows for adaptable airflow depending on your preference and the room's temperature. It provides complete comfort control and efficiently cools the environment.

All-Direction Airflow: Combining the powerful ventilator and swing function, the BCE45 cooler is able to distribute cool air evenly in all directions, ensuring a comfortable and refreshing environment for customers and staff alike. 

Improved Air Quality: The Elite cooler uses cooling pads as an evaporator, which not only lowers heat but also filters airborne dust.

Silent Operation: It operates only at 40dB, which is barely noticeable. It is ideal for commercial spaces where a comfortable and peaceful environment is valued, such as restaurants. 

Outstanding Portability: The cooler comes with four durable wheels, which make it easy to move around and position in different areas of the room or office, providing flexibility and convenience. 

Hard-Wearing Construction: The commercial evaporative cooler comes with a sturdy build that withstands heavy-duty usage and cable management for added convenience.  


Elite BCE45 45-Litre Evaporative Bio Cooler

An eco-friendly way to cool spaces & enhance air quality

The Elite BCE45 Evaporative Bio Cooler offers a maximum airflow of 4,500m³/hr. With its cooling capability ranging from 4°C to 12°C, it effectively creates a pleasant and comfortable environment in large commercial and industrial spaces measuring up to 50m². The cooler provides three speed options, enabling you to adjust the airflow according to your needs. This feature ensures optimal comfort control while efficiently cooling the surrounding area. 

The evaporative cooler features a large 45-litre water tank, providing an ample supply of water for extended use without the frequent need for refilling. This generous capacity ensures that you can maintain a consistent cooling effect throughout the day. Besides, the Elite BCE45 is equipped with a water level indicator, saving you the hassle of constantly monitoring the water level.

The BCE45 cooler offers all-direction airflow through the combination of a robust ventilator and a swing function. This ensures that cool air is evenly distributed in every direction in the room, creating a comfortable and revitalising environment for both customers and staff members. Furthermore, this Elite cooler utilises evaporative cooling pads, which not only reduce heat but also effectively filter the air.

By employing evaporative cooling technology, the cooler operates in an energy-efficient manner, guaranteeing cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The cooler is also highly portable thanks to its four sturdy wheels. This allows for easy movement and positioning for the best cooling spot in a room or office, providing both flexibility and convenience.

The BCE45 evaporative cooler is designed to operate silently, emitting sound levels of 40dB. This is an excellent choice for commercial spaces, particularly restaurants, where a comfortable and tranquil environment is highly valued. Moreover, the cooler boasts a robust construction that is built to withstand heavy-duty usage. It also includes convenient cable storage features, adding to its overall durability and convenience.

Evaporative coolers use a straightforward and eco-friendly method to cool the air - the evaporation of water. The process begins with a pump that draws water from the tank and wets a sizable pad composed of natural cellulose. Its strong ventilator then pulls air through the damp pad to reduce heat and filter out dust particles from the air. The fresh air is then circulated into the room to lower the temperature.

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Voltage: 240 Volt
Maximum Area: 50m²
Air Flow: 4,500 m³ Per Hour
Cooling Effect: 4 -12°C
Power: 120 Watts
Fan Speeds: 3 Speed
Control Panel: Manual
Remote Control: No
Water Tank Size: 45 Litres
Water Flow: 5-10 Litres Per Hour
Direct Water Connection: Included
Water Level Indicator: Included
Ionizer: No
Length: 680mm
Width: 420mm
Height: 1050mm
Noise Level: 40db(A)
Weight (Dry): 15.5kg


Customer Reviews

OK but not a bargain

We got this instead of the Honeywell, and if you don't care about appearances then it is OK
The noise level is 50-55dB on our unit, and subjectively slightly quieter.
The construction is obviously cheaper but still apparently robust.

Timothy Irons



Rafid almussawi



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