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  • El-Bjorn TF 100 HW EBC Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase

El-Bjorn TF 100 HW EBC Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase 115kW

  • 115kW / 40,000BTU Heat Output
  • 6,500m³/h Airflow
  • 360° Air Coverage
  • Compact & Lightweight Design
  • Versatile Operation Modes
  • Smart Control Features
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This product uses a 3-Phase power supply and will not work with a standard 110v or 240v 3-pin socket.

£7,906.80 (inc VAT)
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115 kW Total Thermal Power: Provides robust heating performance, ideal for extensive areas, ensuring quick and effective temperature elevation.

6500m³/h Airflow: Offers substantial air movement for consistent heat distribution, key for maintaining comfort in large spaces.

360-Degree Air Coverage: The state-of-the-art textile air distributor ensures even heat spread, reaching every part of the area.

Compact Structure: Perfect for tight spaces, including stairwells and marquees, without sacrificing heating power.

Easy to Maintain: Accessible, modular construction with a removable top for hassle-free cleaning and servicing.

Multiple Operating Modes: Includes drying, event, and heating options, catering to various needs with a 7.0 A rated current.

Quiet Operation: Enhanced filters and additional pre-filter maintain lower noise levels, essential for undisturbed environments.

Energy Efficient: High temperature rise and large air volume ensure maximum energy efficiency, reducing costs.

Advanced Control Features: Smart control card and lockable, password-protected display for convenient and secure settings management.

Robust and Durable: Built with powder-coated, corrosion-resistant, galvanized sheet steel for long-lasting use.


TF 100HW EBC: The Ultimate Heating Solution

Powerful. Efficient. Reliable.

The TF 100HW EBC sets the standard for high-performance heating, blending energy efficiency with robust functionality. Constructed from powder-coated, corrosion-resistant, galvanized sheet steel, this heating fan is both durable and surprisingly lightweight. It's designed to maximize the spread and throw of warm air, ensuring an even and comfortable heat distribution across a vast area of up to 2000 m².

Innovative Design & Performance

Boasting a remarkable total thermal power of 115 kW and an impressive airflow rate of 6500 m³/h, the TF 100HW EBC is more than capable of handling large-scale heating requirements. Its innovative textile air distributor, featuring six air outlets, offers a comprehensive 360-degree air coverage, guaranteeing uniform warmth throughout your space.

Modular Construction For Simple Maintenance

Maintenance is straightforward, thanks to its accessible, modular design and easily removable top. This feature not only simplifies cleaning and servicing but also enhances the overall longevity of the unit. The fan is also equipped with a smart control card and a lockable, password-protected display, providing easy and secure control over temperature and fan speed settings.

Versatile. Lightweight. Adaptable.

In addition to its high functionality, the TF 100HW EBC is designed for versatility. Its compact chassis allows it to fit into confined spaces, while its lightweight design makes it simple to move, transport, or mount. This adaptability, combined with its quiet operation and energy-efficient performance, makes the TF 100HW EBC a top choice for a wide range of settings, from industrial sites to residential spaces.

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Rated current 7,0 A

Voltage 3N~400V V

Total thermal power 115 kW

Temperature increase 49 °C

Air flow 6500 m³/h

Noise level 72 dB(A)

Camlock 32mm type 2 pcs

Weight tot 153,5 kg

Weight top 57 kg

Weight bottom 96,5 kg

Dimensions exkl. distributor H x W x D (mm) 1250 x 740 x 1110 mm

Dimensions incl. distributor H x W x D 2170 x 740 x 1110 mm

Protection class IP44

Water flow 0,88 l/s

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