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  • El-Bjorn TF 50HW EBC Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase

El-Bjorn TF 50HW EBC Electric Fan Heater - 3 Phase 57kW

  • 57kW / 20,000BTU Heat Output
  • 4,200m³/h Airflow
  • 360° Air Coverage
  • High Temperature Increase
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Smart Control Features
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This product uses a 3-Phase power supply and will not work with a standard 110v or 240v 3-pin socket.

£5,712.00 (inc VAT)
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57kW Total Thermal Power: Delivers powerful heating performance, suitable for large spaces, ensuring rapid and efficient temperature rise.

4200m³/h Airflow: Provides high-volume air circulation for even heat distribution, maintaining a comfortable environment in large areas.

360-Degree Air Coverage: The innovative textile air distributor offers complete coverage, ensuring uniform warmth in every corner of the space.

Compact Design: Ideal for confined spaces, including stairwells, marquees, and apartments, without compromising on heating efficiency.

Easy Maintenance: Features accessible, modular construction and a removable top for straightforward cleaning and servicing.

Energy Efficiency: High temperature increase (ΔT) and large airflow for maximum energy efficiency, reducing operational costs.

Smart Control Card and Display: Offers easy control with a menu system for temperature and fan speed settings, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

Quiet Operation: Improved filters and an additional pre-filter ensure a lower noise level, creating a more pleasant environment.

Robust Construction: Made with powder-coated, corrosion-resistant, galvanized sheet steel, ensuring durability and longevity.

Security Features: Lockable, password-protected display prevents unauthorized adjustments, offering peace of mind in public or busy settings.


TF 50HW EBC: High-Performance Heating Solution

Efficient. Robust. Space-Saving.

The TF 50HW EBC is a pinnacle of heating technology, combining high performance with energy efficiency in a robust, practical package. Crafted from powder-coated, corrosion-resistant, galvanized sheet steel, this fan is not only durable but also boasts a lightweight construction. Its design is engineered to maximize the throw and spread of warm air, ensuring an even distribution throughout your space.

Ideal For Marquees, Workshops & Events

With a remarkable total thermal power of 57 kW and an airflow capacity of 4200 m³/h, the TF 50HW EBC is capable of maintaining comfortable temperatures over an area of approximately 1000 m². This makes it an ideal solution for large spaces like marquees, workshops, and events, as well as confined areas such as stairwells and apartments.

360 Degree Heating

One of the standout features of this heating fan is its innovative textile air distributor, which offers 360-degree air coverage. This unique element ensures a uniform spread of heat, providing a cozy environment regardless of the external temperatures.

Modular Construction For Simple Maintenance

Maintenance and servicing are a breeze, thanks to the accessible, modular construction of the TF 50HW EBC. The electrical box is easily reachable, and the fan's removable top simplifies cleaning and servicing tasks. Moreover, the fan’s smart control card and lockable, password-protected display offer user-friendly control over temperature and fan speed settings, adding a layer of security and convenience.

Compact Space-Saving Design

In terms of design, the TF 50HW EBC is very compact, allowing it to be placed in spaces where traditional heating solutions might not fit. Despite its power, it maintains a low noise level, thanks to its improved filters and additional pre-filter, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable environment.

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Rated current 2,6 A

Voltage 3N~400V V

Total thermal power 57 kW

Temperature increase 39 °C

Air flow 4200 m³/h

Noise level 70 dB(A)

Camlock 25mm type 2 pcs

Weight tot 117,5 kg

Weight top 40 kg

Weight bottom 77,5 kg

Dimensions exkl. distributor H x W x D (mm) 1222 x 740 x 935 mm

Dimensions incl. distributor H x W x D 2150 x 740 x 935 mm

Protection class IP44

Water flow 0,46 l/s

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