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Arcotherm BH50 Suspended Heater (50kw) – Diesel Oil

  • Arcotherm BH50 Suspended Heater (50kw) – Diesel Oil

This Arcotherm BH50 heater is a suspended indirect diesel space heater, designed specifically for heating agricultural premises. Ideal for use in greenhouses, cow sheds, stables and more, the Arcotherm BH50 diesel heater can be used to keep livestock and crops at a safe and comfortable temperature, and therefore optimise productivity all year round. 


The BH50 is a 50.6kw space heater, and it can be hung form the ceiling of the greenhouse or stables, and set up with a clean air pipe reaching outside to provide the heater with the fresh air to heat and circulate around the space. This agricultural space heater emits only safe, clean, warm air into the space, as any harmful exhaust fumes are dispelled via the exhaust pipe.

As with all of Arcotherm's space heaters, the BH50 diesel agricultural heater is an extremely high quality, reliable piece of heating equipment. This indirect diesel space heater has a high grade stainless steel body and combustion chamber, for excellent durability, reliability and resistance; as well as an extremely high efficiency heat exchanger, which uses four loop heat exchanger technology to increase the efficiency of the heater to up to 90%.

It is the fantastic performance, build quality, reliability and safe design which makes Arcotherm space heaters the most trusted and reliable in the industry. The BH50 indirect diesel heater is no exception to this.

Please Note: This heater is POA and not available from stock.

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