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Pest Control Heaters

Pest Control & Bed Bug Killing Heaters

Quick, convenient, effective & environmentally-friendly alternative to chemicals

We have a range of space heaters available that are specifically designed for pest control and bed bug killing applications.

Pest control heaters can be used in domestic, commercial & industrial spaces to tackle bed bugs, dust mites, flour beetles, grain beetles, meal moths and many other types of pests, their eggs and their larvae.

Holding the temperature within a space at around 50°C for over an hour dehydrates and kills these pests. This is more effective than chemical treatments, as many pests have developed resistance to chemicals, and chemicals often fail to deal with the eggs. Using an electric bed bug heater is also much better for the environment than using hazardous chemicals.

These space heaters raise the temperature within a space incrementally using warm air. They use a digital thermostat and remote sensor to set, monitor, reach and maintain the required temperature (around 50°C) for long periods, causing the pests, their larvae and their eggs to dehydrate and die.

Pest control heaters can be used in a range of different spaces, including homes, commercial and industrial areas. They are ideal for use in bedrooms, hotel rooms, hostel dorms, kitchens, hospital rooms, train carriages, airplane cabins, shops, restaurants, bakeries, workshops, warehouses and more.