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HEYLO Climate Solutions

Heylo Climate Solutions

Mobile HVAC Solutions For Construction, Industry & Trade

Brand Overview & History

Since emerging in 1955 in Hanover, Germany, Heylo quickly evolved into a European market leader in mobile industrial heaters for construction, agriculture, industry and trade. Today, Heylo has expanded to offer a full range of portable HVAC equipment for commercial and industrial sites, including dehumidifiers, air conditioners, dust control systems and air purifiers.

Heylo continually invests in research and development to employ the latest technology to efficiently dry buildings, heat construction sites and more. By envisioning how the product will survive in real-world applications, Heylo’s engineers are able to manufacture safe solutions with guaranteed success in the most demanding environments.

Product Portfolio

Heylo dehumidifier range includes both refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers, each device is durably designed to dry out spaces following wet trade work and water damage. The AT series delivers exceptional desiccant dehumidification in industrial applications where significantly low humidity is required. The KT range features compact and portable units, conveniently designed to be transported from job to job.

Alternatively, Heylo’s refrigerant dehumidifiers are ideal for protecting sensitive spaces, such as museums, storage facilities and sports centres from damp-induced damage. For tradespeople and businesses, the Heylo DT range is specifically designed to assist with drying out spaces and materials following renovation and decoration.

Heylo industrial space heaters are designed for keeping workers warm and comfortable in challenging conditions such as construction sites, warehouses, factories and other industrial locations. Heylo supplies a range of gas and indirect diesel heaters that produce cost-effective heating for indoor and outdoor spaces from tough and reliable mobile units. For an especially environmentally conscious solution, Heylo provides electric fan heaters to deliver rapid, clean heat.

Heylo offers a range of air purifiers, featuring 4-stage and 7-stage filtration systems, to vastly improve indoor air quality, preventing illness and allergies from developing. For industrial applications, Heylo’s range of air cleaners consistently removes harmful pollutants such as wood and concrete dust, spores and smoke particles to ensure the health and safety of each worker.

Heylo’s ventilation fans are robust, resilient and reliable equipment for providing fresh air, alongside cooling and drying assistance for various cleaning services, sewage treatment plants, shipyards and more.

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Heylo develops a range of HVAC equipment, featuring high-quality components and user-friendly technology, to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions for continuous climate control in commercial and industrial spaces.