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HEYLO Ventilation Fans

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HEYLO Ventilation Fans

Portable industrial fans for ventilation, cooling, drying & extraction

HEYLO ventilation fans are compact, portable and robust pieces of equipment, built to perform in challenging industrial environments. They can be used to supply fresh air and extract dirty air, as well as to assist with drying and cooling. HEYLO ventilator fans are ideal for ventilating building sites, underground works in shafts and channels, tank and boiler cleaning, shipyards and shipbuilding, sewage treatment plants, water works, industry, cleaning services and more.

HEYLO PowerVent axial ventilator fans are powerful air movers, designed to be used with lengths of ducting to ventilate construction sites, workshops, garages, underground work and more. They can be used to extract fumes, as well as extract dust using dust bag attachments. These fans can also be used with dehumidifiers and heaters to support drying applications following water damage and construction work. We have a wide selection of models available, from the HEYLO PowerVent 1500, which offers 1,162 m³/h airflow, right up to the HEYLO PowerVent 12000, which offers 10,550 m³/h airflow.

The HEYLO TD range of radial fans is designed to provide a focused airflow, low air volume and high compression, to assist in the drying of floors, walls and carpets. The HEYLO TD300 is a compact radial fan ideal for drying wet patches on walls and floors following cleaning and leaks. The more powerful HEYLO TD2400 is suitable for drying larger areas of floors and walls. It features an attachment for up to three lengths of ducting, ideal for drying confined spaces such as under floorboards.

HEYLO also supplies a range of ventilator fans suitable for use in potentially explosive areas. These explosion-protected ventilator fans, such as the HEYLO ComPact 1500 EX, are ideal for use when cleaning fuel, oil and gas tanks, as well as in case of repair and maintenance work in manhole pits at petrol stations. Explosion-protected HEYLO ventilators draw off dangerous gases safely and quickly, using anti-static ducting.