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HEYLO Dust Control Systems

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HEYLO Dust Control Systems

Contain & extract dust safely on site

HEYLO dust control systems are designed to be complete dust control packages, giving you everything you need to contain and extract dust and pollutants on site, reducing mess and improving safety.

When carrying out work on site such as drilling, grinding, demolition and renovation work, lots of dust is produced and pollutants are released into the air. This creates a lot of mess on site and poses a hazard to the health of workers.

The dust control range includes dust control doors, which can be installed over doorways and openings on site to seal off a room or space, and prevent airborne dust and pollutants produced during construction, renovation and decorating work from spreading around the building.

This range also includes complete dust control systems, which offer a dust control door along with a HEYLO air cleaner, filters and ducting, to create negative pressure in rooms on site, prevent airborne dust from spreading and extract the dust and pollutants from the space safely.

HEYLO DCD-3.0 Dust Control Door Kit: Designed to be erected quickly and easily around doorways and wall openings on site, to help with the containment and safe extraction of dust during construction, renovation, decorating work and more. Features two vents with lids, allowing ducting to be inserted so that extractor fans and air cleaners can be used to extract dust and pollutants.

HEYLO DCS-PV3000 Dust Control System: A complete dust extraction kit, including the HEYLO PowerVent 3000 ventilator fan, dust control door, ducting and M-Class dust bag. It allows you to seal off rooms on site and safely extract dust produced during work, improving safety and reducing mess.

HEYLO DCS-PF3500 Dust Control System: A complete air cleaning kit, including the HEYLO PowerFilter 3500 industrial air cleaner, dust control door, ducting and filter set. It allows you to seal off rooms on site and safely extract dust and pollutants, improving safety and reducing mess on site.