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HEYLO Air Conditioners

HEYLO Air Conditioners

Mobile air con units designed for commercial & industrial use

The HEYLO air conditioner range offers sleek, modern, efficient and portable air con units, designed for commercial and industrial use. These high-quality mobile air conditioners can be used to cool homes, offices, classrooms, shops, restaurants, bars, workshops and more on warm days. Due to their 4-in-1 function – cooling, heating, dehumidifying and ventilation – HEYLO portable air conditioners can be used to keep spaces comfortable all year round.

The HEYLO AC 25 is a 2.6kW portable air conditioner ideal for use in homes, offices, cafes, restaurants and other spaces up to 18m².

The larger HEYLO AC 35 air con unit offers a higher output of 3.5kW, so it is ideal for larger commercial spaces up to 23m².

Whilst the HEYLO AC 70 is an industrial 7.1kW air con unit, designed for more demanding spaces such as large offices, server rooms, workshops, warehouses and more up to 23 m².