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Blog: National Heater Shops' Stock Remains Strong

24 Mar 2021

National Heater Shops' Stock Remains Strong

We show resolve amid global supply chain issues

It won't be new to a lot of people that there has been a major disruption to global shipping supply chains in 2021. Exports from China to the West have surged as consumers around the world have started buying up all kinds of goods during the pandemic. The increase has been so significant that even dormant cargo ships have been put back into use. This rise in shipping from China combined with the disruption caused by Covid-19 at ports (including staff shortages and new pandemic restrictions) has resulted in many shipping containers becoming trapped in ports around the world, unable to get back to the East.

Shortage of containers has meant the cost of sending a 40-foot container from China to the US has more than quadrupled in the past year, rates becoming 300% higher for the Asia to North Europe route, compared with a year ago. This has also been compounded by limited air freight capacity and high global demand for PPE.

Unfortunately, all of these problems with the global shipping chain have meant huge delays for customers purchasing from e-commerce sites, particularly concerning electrical goods, of which the Far East is a huge supplier. 

Here at National Heater Shops, nearly all of our heaters are manufactured in Europe, giving us fantastic access to existing stock. With brands such as Master and Herschel based in the EU, we are able to get heaters, dehumidifiers and other products out to our customers quickly and easily. This means if you own a business and need one of our products, you can order from us safe in the knowledge that your heater or dehumidifier will get to you without the delays of Far-East based suppliers.

We have access to good stocks of heaters, dehumidifiers, air conditioning and coolers, to get you through the season, speak to one of our outdoor heating specialists to see what will suit your business best.

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