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  • Woods SW38FW Refrigerant Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods SW38FW Refrigerant Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods SW38FW Refrigerant Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods SW38FW Refrigerant Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods SW38FW Refrigerant Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods SW38FW Refrigerant Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods SW38FW Refrigerant Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods SW38FW Refrigerant Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods SW38FW Refrigerant Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods SW38FW Refrigerant Dehumidifier 230v

Woods SW38FW Refrigerant Dehumidifier 230v 19 Litres

  • Removes Up To 19L Per Day
  • 11.4L Collection Tank
  • Operating Temp Range 2°C to 35°C
  • Integrated Humidistat
  • i-EcoDefrost Intelligent Defrost System
  • Recycled Steel Construction
  • Same-Day Dispatch (order before 12pm Mon-Fri)
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Removes Up To 19L/Day: This is a high quality portable refrigerant dehumidifier, specifically designed and built to perform in chome and commercial environments. It has a broad working temperature range of 2°C up to 35°C.

Airflow Rate Of 336m³/h: This unit has an impressive airflow to draw in large volumes of humid air and remove moisture using the natural process of condensation. It is ideal for spaces of 140² and has a two-speed fan.

Internal 11.4L Tank: The condensate water is collected in a large internal tank, which needs to be emptied at regular intervals.

Integrated Humidistat: This automatically adjust the amount of moisture in the air to maintain a specific humidity level throughout the home and only runs when it is needed.

Optional Hose Outlet: A hose can be connected to an outlet on the unit to direct the water straight down a drain. This is ideal for continuous usage without the need to empty the tank.

i-EcoDefrost: With intelligent defrost, this monitors the temperature and humidity levels in the room, then adjusts the performance of the compressor to the optimum level for the space, for faster and more efficient drying even at lower temperatures and humidity levels.

R290 Refrigerant: Modern, HFC-free, eco-friendly refrigerant that meets future EU rules on environmentally friendly gases.

Low Noise: This an extremely quiet dehumidifier and produces sound levels of 37 - 56 dB.

Steel Design: Made in Sweden, these dehumidifiers have a recyclable steel chassis and the exposed components adapted for industrial use ensure durability and robustness of the dehumidifier in busy areas.

Integrated Handle & Wheels: These make it very easy to carry and move. The convenient stackable design of these dehumidifiers allows for easy storage and transfer.

Six Year Warranty Available: These dehumidifiers come with a standard two year warranty, which can be upgraded to six years in total if required. All you need to do to claim the six year warranty is register your dehumidifier and replace the air filter once a year.

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Woods SW38FW Refrigerant Dehumidifier

Efficient dehumidifier for homes & commercial spaces

The Woods SW38FW is a high quality refrigerant dehumidifier ideal for both home and commercial use. This compressor dehumidifier is a very well-made, durable and effective piece of drying equipment, capable of drying garages, basements and laundry rooms. Manufactured by Woods in Sweden, this dehumidifier is built to last. It has a robust outer casing made from recyclable steel, an efficient compressor and a two speed fan. It also features a new intelligent defrosting system, i-EcoDefrost, which provides faster defrosting and more effective operation, which means faster and more efficient dehumidifying. The Woods SW38FW portable dehumidifier is ideal for dealing with moisture problems in the home and in commercial spaces, preventing mould and bad smells, as well as for drying laundry quickly.

Removes Moisture. Improves Environments.

Effectively dries and leave air clean

Woods SW38FW refrigerant dehumidifiers feature an energy-efficient rotary compressor, environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant and an effective two-speed fan. These dehumidifiers draw in humid air from the room and remove moisture from the air using the natural process of condensation. The humid air is passed over refrigerated coils, causing the moisture in the air to condense and drip down into the 11.4 litre water collection tank. The water tank can also be removed and the unit can be connected to a hose, in order to direct the condensate straight down a drain. This allows for continuous use without needing to empty the tank. Woods SW38FW compressor dehumidifiers also have a humidistat control fitted to the front of the unit, which allows you to set a level of humidity that you wish the room to reach. Once enough water has been removed from the air for the humidity to reach the set level, the dehumidifier will switch off. Four wheels and integrated carrying handles are also integrated into the design for user convenience. These high quality Woods dehumidifiers have a drying capacity of up to 19 litres per day, an airflow rate of up to 336m² and they have a working temperature range of 2°C to 35 °C. This makes them capable of drying a great range of different types of rooms. Woods SW dehumidifiers also have a unique filter system which catches harmful mold spores, dust and other particles that can be released for example when you wash laundry. This helps to improve the air quality within the room when the dehumidifier is in use.

6 Year Warranty Available

Superb support from one of the best brands in the business

Woods dehumidifiers are high quality pieces of drying equipment that are built to last. Their SW range of refrigerant dehumidifiers, with their SMF antifouling filter which catches harmful mold spores, dust and other particles, come with the option of an extended 6 year warranty! All you need to do to claim the 6 year warranty is register your Woods SW38FW dehumidifier with Woods and replace the air filter once a year. You can register your dehumidifier at and we can supply spare filters each year to keep your warranty valid! For more information and advice on the Woods SW38FW dehumidifier, simply contact our sales team via online live chat, email or telephone. You can order this compressor dehumidifier online using our website checkout or over the phone with our sales team.


Max. working area: 140 m²
Recommended area: 10 - 84 m²
Airflow Step 1: 190 m³/h
Airflow Step 2: 336 m³/h
Capacity at 20ºC & 70% RH: 11 litres/day
Capacity at 30ºC & 80% RH: 19 litres/day
Power at 20ºC & 70% RH: 320 W
Power at 30ºC & 80% RH: 425 W
Working interval: +2 to +35ºC
Tank volume: 11.4 litres
Fan speeds: 2
Dimmensions (mm): 495 x 345 x 527
Weight: 21.5 kg
Sound level: 37 - 56 dB
Cooling media, freon free: R290
IP Rating: IPX1
Voltage: 230v
Warranty: 2 Years. (6 Year Warranty available)


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Super quick delivery, no messing around, great product

albin gardner

perfect for work

Quick shipping, no messing around, trusty product - very pleased


Dependable and quick

Arrived in great condition, swiftly may I add - works perfectly and durable

matt hampton

love it

digby perkins

Would recommend every time


simple to use

Adrienne Warren

Arrived just in time

Mr McNally

Worth every penny

reliable addition to our work, don't know what we'd do without it now

Renee Nagle


first time ordering here and will be ordering again for sure, arrived quickly and as expected




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