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High quality dehumidifiers & portable air conditioners

Woods is a manufacturer of the best high-quality dehumidifiers and portable air conditioners for the home and commercial markets. Woods history stretches back over 60 years, to the Canadian city of Guelph, Ontario, where the company first began manufacturing dehumidifiers in 1950. Now based in Sweden, Woods is known for producing top quality, reliable and high-capacity dehumidifiers and portable air conditioners.

Woods has been making some of the best dehumidifiers and portable air conditioners for domestic and commercial use since 1950. Woods dehumidifiers are easy to use and energy efficient pieces of drying equipment. They are perfect for getting rid of excessive moisture and bad odours in a range of different spaces. Manufactured for the home market and commercial markets, the company's dehumidifiers are ideal for dealing with damp problems in rooms around the house, garages, basements, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Woods range of professional dehumidifiers are perfect for commercial and industrial use. These dehumidifiers are ideal for managing humidity in workshops, warehouses, factories and more. Designed and built to be incredibly durable, Woods dehumidifiers will provide excellent performance for years to come - some are even available with a six year warranty. Woods also makes several compact portable air conditioners - perfect for providing cooler temperatures on warm days at home and in commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, cafes and leisure facilities. Built to be sleek and modern units, Woods portable air conditioning units fit neatly within a space without causing an eyesore and are easy to move around, change position and store. For more information on Woods dehumidifiers and air conditioners, take a look at our website or contact our sales team via telephone or online live chat.