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Premium Dehumidifiers & Portable Air Conditioners

Brand Overview & History

Originating in the city of Guelph in Ontario, Wood’s is a renowned Canadian brand which has been committed to creating clean and healthy air for 70 years. Wood’s product portfolio gradually expanded from solely supplying dehumidifiers to including a complete collection of indoor air care equipment. From air conditioning and cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying, air purifiers and more, Wood’s provides a broad spectrum of climate control solutions for any indoor environment. Benefitting from seven decades of knowledge and experience, Wood’s continuously strives to produce the most effective and efficient modern air treatment equipment.

Since 2012, Wood’s manufacturing facilities has migrated over to Sweden, where the head office is now located along with two production facilities located in Alingsås. Today, Wood’s leads the market in producing efficient and stylish high-quality dehumidifiers and portable air conditioners for the home and commercial sectors. Wood’s manufacturing talents, technical expertise and attention to detail rewards the brand with a firm footing at the forefront of the industry.

Product Portfolio

Wood’s most recent air conditioning and dehumidifying models feature the R-290 refrigerant, which is eco-friendly, odourless, HFC-free and exceptionally energy-efficient. Wood’s produces some of the most popular dehumidifiers available for home, commercial and industrial use. Featuring cutting-edge Swedish design, Wood’s dehumidifiers present an efficient, economical and reliable solution for reducing humidity, preventing damp-induced damage and mould growth.

Wood’s drying devices can be categorised by suitability. For smaller, humid rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and washing rooms, as well as bedrooms and offices, the stylish Wood’s MDK Home Dehumidifier range is ideal. For more challenging locations such as basements, attics and various crawl spaces, you may consider Wood’s more compact, wheel-mounted range of dehumidifiers, such as the Pro Professional range.

Wood’s also supplies a selection of dehumidifiers especially catered to industrial applications, proficiently drying out spaces following floods, leaks and wet trade work or severe weather. The WCD Pro range thrives in the typical challenging conditions inside busy production facilities, including factories, warehouses and construction sites. Enjoy multiple benefits from the innovative technologies integrated in Wood’s modern dehumidifiers, such as air purification, heat pumps to provide heating effects, and the i-EcoDefrost system featuring in Wood’s latest professional refrigerant dehumidifiers.

We supply an excellent selection of Wood’s portable air conditioners, including compact and versatile devices that work efficiently to create a cooler, comfortable climate in your home or workplace. These portable units are perfect for providing rapid relief on stuffy summer days, lowering the room’s temperature quickly and efficiently. Wood’s portable air conditioners will fit nicely into any space with a modern touch, thanks to their sleek and smart design. Wood’s air conditioners are ideal for the home and commercial spaces, such as offices, restaurants, leisure facilities and more.

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The renowned Canadian brand Wood’s has been manufacturing some of the best dehumidifiers and air conditioners for home, commercial and industrial use since 1950. Now based in Sweden, Wood’s continues to create top quality, reliable and high-capacity climate control products for every application.