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  • Woods MDK26 Home Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods MDK26 Home Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods MDK26 Home Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods MDK26 Home Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods MDK26 Home Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods MDK26 Home Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods MDK26 Home Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods MDK26 Home Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods MDK26 Home Dehumidifier 230v
  • Woods MDK26 Home Dehumidifier 230v

Woods MDK26 Home Dehumidifier 230v 25 Litres

  • Extracts Up To 25 Litres Per Day
  • 4L Collection Tank
  • Silent Operation (≤48dB)
  • Ideal For Spaces Up To 120m²
  • LCD Intuitive Touch Humidistat Control Panel
  • Eco-Friendly R290 Refrigerant
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3 Year Warranty


Removes Up To 25L/Day: This is a high quality portable refrigerant dehumidifier, specifically designed and built to perform in home environments. It has a broad working temperature range of 5°C up to 35°C.

Airflow Rate Of 185m³/h: This unit has an impressive airflow to draw in large volumes of humid air and remove moisture using the natural process of condensation. It is ideal for spaces of 120² and has a two-speed fan.

Internal 4L Tank: The condensate water is collected in a large internal tank, which needs to be emptied at regular intervals.

Control Panel: The LCD and intuitive touch control panel makes it easy for anyone to access all of the available functions.

Optional Hose Outlet: A hose can be connected to an outlet on the unit in order to direct the water straight down a drain. This is ideal for continuous usage without the need to empty the tank.

Quality Components: This unit features a timer that allows you to set the dehumidifier to run for 2,4,6, or 8 hours.

Washable Air Filter: This can be removed and washed with hot water.

R290 Refrigerant: Modern, HFC-free, eco-friendly refrigerant that meets future EU rules on environmentally friendly gases.

Low Noise: This an extremely quiet dehumidifier and produces sound levels of 48dB.

Integrated Handle: There is a handle that makes lifting easier at the back of the machine. It allows the dehumidifier to be moved around and used in different areas simply.

Three Year Warranty Available: These dehumidifiers come with a standard two year warranty, which can be upgraded to three years simply by registering your dehumidifier with Woods.

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Woods MDK26 Compressor Dehumidifier

Stylish & compact domestic dehumidifier

The Woods MDK26 is a compact, practical and powerful compressor dehumidifier that is designed to control the excess moisture in a range of environments. It is a lightweight unit that can be used in any room of the house, plus offices and other living spaces too. This is a freestanding machine with a small stature that fits into any room discreetly. You can place it against walls or into the corner of the room while it works, allowing it to filter the air without getting in the way or causing any disruption. The Woods MDK26 home dehumidifier features a sleek, modern, and stylish design. It has a bold shape and smooth lines so that it does not spoil the appearance of the room. The neutral white body and black top complement any style of area - whether it is modern or traditional. This refrigerant dehumidifier is also more cost effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly than many other models in its range. This is due to the use of the R-290 refrigerant, which is less harmful than some other gases.

25 Litre Portable Dehumidifier

Versatile. Powerful. Efficient.

The Woods MDK26 dehumidifier is a highly-efficient machine that is easy to operate. It is suitable to use throughout the home, in rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. It is even capable of handling rooms with more demanding environments, including basements, garages, and laundry rooms - the top exhaust blows out warm, dry air which also helps dry wet clothes even quicker. With the versatility of the Woods MDK26, it can be used for many different applications. It is ideal for offices, retail spaces, summer houses, and even used as a caravan dehumidifier. Using a quality dehumidifier in any of these areas rapidly reduces the excess moisture, reducing condensation, mildew, and the growth of bacteria. This makes the space feel cleaner, fresher, more comfortable and prevents musty, unpleasant odours. The Woods MDK26 is also easy to use, clean, and maintain. The air filter can be removed and washed with hot water, and the water tank is easily removed when it needs to be emptied. There is a handle that makes lifting easier plus wheels so that you can simply push the dehumidifier into different areas for spot drying and humidity management. Depending on the application, it can be set to run by the relative humidity level, a timer, or even continuously.

Powerful Home Dehumidifier

Practical & reliable drying solution

The Woods MDK26 dehumidifier is effective, efficient and economical. It is a high-performance machine featuring a 3 step airflow rate of 134 m³/h, 174 m³/h, 186 m³/h and 2 fan speeds that work effectively in areas of up to 120 m². It features a maximum extraction rate of 25 litres per 24 hours and can run in a broad range of conditions. The vast operating temperature range of 5℃ - 35℃ allows it to run efficiently in both cold and hot environments. The LCD and intuitive touch control panel makes it easy for anyone to access all of the available functions. The Woods MDK26 is a low-energy dehumidifier only runs when it is needed, and it can be controlled using either the humidity settings or the timer to ensure the best efficiency. The humidity level can be set at 5% intervals between 40% and 70%. Running at 40% will allow the unit to work continuously. If you choose any level above 45%, the dehumidifier will run in cycles until the target relative humidity is met and it will shut down and restart automatically. The timer allows you to set the dehumidifier to run for 2,4,6, or 8 hours. If you want to have the dehumidifier running continuously, you can connect it to a ½ inch water hose so that the water can drain away rather than collect in the water tank. This way, you do not have to empty the tank each time it fills to capacity. You can order a Woods MDK26 compressor dehumidifier online or over the phone with our sales team. For more information or advice, contact us via online live chat, email or telephone.


Max. working area 120 m²
Recommended area 2-80 m²
Airflow step 1 134m³/h
Airflow step 2 174m³/h
Air flow ”Dry Mode” 185m³/h
Capacity at 30ºC & 80% RH 25 litres/day
Power at 30ºC & 80% RH 260 W
Tank volume 4 litres
Fan speeds 2 (low and high)
Dimensions (mm) 346x253x596
Weight 14.5kg
Sound level ≤48dB
Cooling media R290 (75g)
IP Rating IPX1
Warranty: 2 Years. (3 Year Warranty available if you register your dehumidifier with Woods).


Customer Reviews

Woods dehumidifiers are unrivalled

Glad I'm starting to see the Woods catalogue available in the UK. They're great products and I have been using them at work for years. Hope to see more models online soon.

Matter Madutlela

Happy customer

Solid investment to make, will be ordering more in future, chuffed with the durability and quality



delivered just on time - absolute life saver! Clearly high quality materials, thankyou


Very knowlegable team!

Mr Arslan

Value for money

Mr Salem

Low cost for high quality

john hargrave

What an investment

Findlay Pees


A great purchase, hard wearing and works perfectly


Dependable and quick

Rapid delivery, sturdy product that will last well, veryh happy




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