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  • Reznor Impellor Series Destratification Fan

Reznor Impellor Series Destratification Fan 230v

  • Air displacement Rate of Up to 12,000 m³/h
  • 230 Volt Operated Machine
  • Elegance, Durability & Reliability
  • Three Precision Dynamically Balanced Blades
  • Gentle Warm Air Distribution
  • Two Types of Speed Controllers Available
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Air Displacement: Rising hot air is recirculated at a rate of up to 12,000 m³/h. This ensures that air temperature stays consistent with minimal loss of indoor climate temperatures as hot air rises through upper levels. This allows for a steady regulation of temperatures control thus reducing the need for prolong heating system usage. Users may see a reduction of fuel usage by up to 15%.

230 Volt: All units operate at 230 Volts with a fuse rating of 3 amps and a motor wattage of 60 watts.

Elegance, Durability & Reliability: Each fan is made from die cast aluminium.

Blades: Each fan has three precision formed, dynamically balanced blades.

Gentle Warm Air Distribution: The fans gently move warm air back down to the lower working level.

Two Types of Speed Controllers Available: Two types of speed controllers are available. The B-IMC5 has the capability of controlling up to five fans. The B-IMC12 has the capability of controlling up to twelve fans. As well as speed adjustment capabilities, the controls rocker switch can be utilised to propel the fan(s) backward as well as forward.


Reznor Impellor Series Destratification Fans

An Elegance, Durability & Reliability Air Recirculation System

The Impellor fan is a powerful air circulation unit that propels rising warm air down into the working areas. Despite its 12,000 m³/h rate of air dispersal the unit can operate effectively whilst generating minimal air pollution. The recirculation of rising warm air ensures that room temperatures can be maintained without the need for prolonged use of a heating system. This lessened need for constant central heating use can lead to fuel usage reductions potentially as high as 15%.

The destratification of building hot air flow provides an increased level of operative comfort by providing a uniform and far-reaching dispersal of warm air over a room's service area.

For the best possible fan functionality, it is advised that all units should be installed above the lighting system and with a clearance of at least 750mm between the blades and the roof. Please consider any obstruction and the safety of personnel during installation. We would suggest that all units should be installed at a minimum mounting height of 2.5m. Calculate the building's floor area in square metres, then divide the result by the floor area coverage for the fan size selected.

All fans in this range are made using die-cast aluminium. Each fan has three precision-formed, dynamically balanced blades. Each of which gently recirculates rising warm air back down to the lower working levels.

These fans are available with two types of speed controller options. The first provides the capability to control up to five fans. The second has the capability of controlling up to twelve fans. Each offers further functionality including speed adjustment capabilities and the ability to switch fan rotational direction.

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Air displacement m3/h Up to 12,000 m³/h
Mounting heights m 2.5 to 12
Floor coverage (at Max. height) m2 130
Maximum fan centres m 12
Clearance to walls m 2.5
Supply V/ph/hz 230/1/50
Fuse rating amps 3
Motor Watts 60
Overall dimensions
Height mm 940
Blade sweep mm Ø 1400
Net weight Kg 4.3

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