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  • Herschel Aspect XL Infrared Heaters

Herschel Aspect XL Infrared Heaters 1.3kW-1.9kW

  • 1.3kW or 1.95kW Infrared Heating Capacity
  • Mains Supply
  • Wall-Mount Design For Indoors & Outdoors
  • Boost Function & Temp Sensor
  • Rapidly Reaches Maximum Temperature
  • No Light. No Noise. No Fumes.
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5 Year Warranty
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Infrared Heat: Available in 1.3kW and 1.9kW models, these units offer unrivalled energy-efficiency, exceptional heating power and the latest infrared technology – all in a top-quality, stylish and reliable package.

Quality Heating Element: Two convex ceramic longwave Infrared emitters (3-10 microns) housed within an anodised aluminium shell.

Clean Air: Produces no fumes and does not deplete the oxygen within a space, while at the same time throwing out zero emissions, zero noise and zero light.

Fast Warm-up Time: This heater takes less than five minutes to reach optimum temperatures.

Mount Options: These heaters can be mounted on to a wall and under a canopy extending at least 2m.

Wireless / WiFi Control System Available: Herschel have a practical, easy to use and innovative control system available for their infrared heaters.

Warranty: 5 year warranty. (Excluding ceramic elements: 1 year).


Effective ‘No Light’ Infrared Heaters

Available in 1300w and 1950w variants

Herschel Aspect XL infrared heaters are compact, sleek and highly effective space heaters, ideal for heating indoor areas and sheltered outdoor areas. Available in 1.3kW and 1.9kW models, these units offer unrivalled energy-efficiency, exceptional heating power and the latest infrared technology – all in a top-quality, stylish and reliable package. These infrared heaters are immensely popular heating solutions for domestic patio areas and conservatories, hotels, shops, office reception areas, restaurants, public halls, terraces, churches and other public spaces. They emit heat via state-of-the-art convex ceramic plate emitters, housed within an anodised aluminium shell. These units run almost silently, without light, and leave no elements exposed. No Noise. No Light. No Emissions. No Maintenance. No Worries.

Herschel Aspect XL infrared heaters are subtle, unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing units. Rather than looking like industrial heaters, they will fit comfortably in any domestic or commercial space. These units can be fitted on to a wall within the space quickly and easily. Once in position, wired in and switched on, these infrared heaters warm up extremely quickly - reaching their maximum level within just a few minutes. Herschel’s unique, cutting-edge insulated heating elements, complete with triple reflectors, provide far superior efficiency and heat projection than electric fan heaters of a similar power rating. The beauty of infrared heating is that materials, objects, people and surfaces are heated within a space rather than just the air – making the heat go further, and last longer.

Herschel have a practical, easy to use and innovative control system available for their infrared heaters. This system consists of their T-R2 Receiver and T-T2 Wireless Thermostat. The receiver is wired to the heater and to the mains electricity supply. It features a simple on / off switch, a 1 hour boost function, a temperature sensor and the latest open window technology. The Herschel wireless thermostat connects to the receiver via wifi and allows you to control the heater(s) remotely, from anywhere within the space. The receiver and thermostat also allow optional WiFi control via the SmartLife app.

The thermostat features 7 day programmable heating controls, as well as immediate temperature control, so you can adjust the heater's output as needed. A single T-R2 receiver can control up to 2kW of heaters, and a thermostat can be linked up to multiple receivers. So if you have a large area to heat, you can install multiple Herschel Aspect heaters and receivers to create a single network of heaters. This allows you to control all of the heater units using the single wireless thermostat, to completely control the temperature within your space. You can add the Receiver & Wireless Thermostat Package to your order using the tick box above. If you need multiple heaters, simply contact our sales team via telephone to discuss your requirements and we can work out a specific package of heaters, receivers and a thermostat to suit your needs.

You can purchase a Herschel Aspect XL infrared heater with confidence from National Heater Shops. We are an official retailer of Herschel heating products and our team have years of experience in space heater sales. You are fully supported by Herschel's comprehensive warranty and the expert support of our sales team before, during and after your purchase. If you are unsure if an Aspect XL heater is suitable for your space, or if you have any questions at all about these heaters, you can contact our sales team online or over the phone for information and advice.

Please note: Herschel Aspect heaters are protected against water ingress (protection level IPX4), however when used outside they must be installed in a covered outdoor area (always refer to installation instructions). For more exposed areas, we recommend Herschel's 'warm glow' infrared heaters - such as the California or Colorado.

The recommended installation height of the Aspect XL is 2.3m to 2.5m from the floor. It must not be installed at less than 1.8m from the floor. In all cases it should be installed at a height where it cannot be touched in operation. The Herschel Aspect XL should be firmly and permanently attached to the wall using the bracket supplied, with the heater angled down at 60 degrees from vertical.


Technical Information:

Element: 2 or 3 convex ceramic longwave Infrared emitters (3-10 microns)
Body: High quality extruded and anodised aluminium body
Dimensions 1300W: 550 x 95 x 138mm; 1950W: 800 x 95 x 138mm
Voltage: 230V, 50 Hz
Warm-up time: <5 minutes
Effective waveband: 3 – 10µm
Weight: 3.4kg (1300W); 4.4kg (1950W)
Warranty: 5 years
Protection: IP Rating IPX4
Mounting: Recommended mounting at 2.3-2.5m and under a cover or canopy extending at least 2m.

1300 Watts gives a 3-6m2 heated zone outdoors; 6-9m2 heated zone indoors.

1950 Watts gives a 4.5-9m2 heated zone outdoors; 9-12m2 heated zone indoors.

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Brilliant addition

Superior to other similar products out there, capable piece of kit delivered very quickly, thanks

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Impeccable customer service and communication for my questions, delivered quickyl too

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high grade equipment

High quality, durable, shipped fast - perfect

Mr Ferguson

Absolutely brilliant

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Great, thanks!

Findlay Stephen

made to last

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Great job everty time

Top service and product, arrived fast - what more could I ask for?

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Dependable and quick

Definitely a worthy investment, solid product reliable and quick delivery

Ms Robinson


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