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Herschel Infrared

Herschel Infrared

Goodbye ugly heating, hello Herschel

Brand Overview & History

Herschel is a market-leading manufacturer of innovative and efficient infrared heating solutions for home, commercial and industrial use. Infrared is a completely natural type of radiant heat. It warms people, furniture and other objects within a space, rather than heating the air. This is a comfortable, efficient and effective form of heating.

Since first experiencing the radiant warmth achieved by infrared heating, the experts at Herschel have been on a mission to develop eco-friendly, sustainable and safe infrared heating solutions for healthier homes and a healthier planet. Since establishing in 2008, Herschel has grown into a multinational corporation, with production facilities in Germany, the UK and the Far East, with operations reaching across Europe, Australia and North America.

Heschel supplies a fantastic range of no noise, no emissions and no maintenance infrared heaters for both indoor and outdoor installation, as well as portable models. Each Herschel heater is designed to radiate infrared heat that feels as natural and comfortable as sunlight.

Herschel heaters feature an innovative IQ system that can facilitate temperature control via a remote thermostat or a wired-in thermostat depending on the model. Multiple heaters can be controlled by a single thermostat via Wi-Fi connection.

Product Portfolio

The designers and developers at Herschel take great pride in creating stylish and innovative products to compliment any interior décor or outdoor ambience. For an ultra-minimalist solution for indoor heating, Herschel produces a series of infrared panel heaters that are available in a range of ingenious designs.

From simplistic panels made to blend seamlessly in with any white or black wall, to ceiling panels which will appear invisible but radiate infrared warmth to those below. Herschel also supplies multipurpose panel heaters, including the Herschel Inspire Mirror that is designed to efficiently heat bathrooms while also functioning as a steam-free mirror. Plus, the Herschel Inspire Infrared Blackboard Heater is intelligently designed to double as a blackboard compatible with chalk.

Herschel’s innovation and pioneering designs is why the brand is renowned as one of the UK’s top infrared heating manufacturers. These efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective heaters are available in premium designs to perfectly suit any modern home, office, hotel, restaurant and more.

Why Buy Herschel From Us

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Herschel develops and designs the widest range of stylish, sustainable and smart infrared indoor and outdoor heaters in the UK.