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Thermobile Waste Oil Heaters

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Thermobile Waste Oil Heaters

Tough, robust & effective industrial space heaters

Thermobile is renowned for its range of waste oil heaters. Their previous generation of waste oil burners was the Thermobile AT range of universal oil cabinet heaters, including the AT306, AT307, AT400 & AT500. This selection has been discontinued and replaced by the Thermobile Bio Energy range.

These space heaters are well made, tough and effective units for heating a range of industrial spaces, such as workshops, warehouses, garages, factories and more. The Thermobile Bio Energy range of cabinet heaters consists of three different models, each in different sizes and heating capacities - so whether you have a small garage or a large workshop to heat, there is a suitable model in the range. Thermobile BioEnergy heaters can be fuelled using diesel, heating oil, bio oil such as rapeseed oil and certain vegetable oils, as well as waste oil.

Thermobile waste oil heaters are extremely popular in the automotive garage industry, as they can be fuelled using the waste engine oil produced during day to day operations. This makes them very convenient and practical space heaters for these spaces.

The Bio Energy 1 cabinet heater produces a combination of radiant heat plus hot air from the top mounted 'THERMO' radial blower. The high efficiency of the Bio Energy 2 and Bio Energy 3 is achieved by a built-in, large surface heat exchanger, through which all gases have to pass before entering the flue. A high capacity axial fan draws air from the workshop over the heat exchanger and combustion chamber and expels warm air into the building, providing a constant recycling of warm air.

All models are equipped with a fuel tank that can easily be removed for cleaning purposes. Thermobile Bio Energy oil heaters are backed by 50 years of experience in the manufacture and development of space heaters. They are built using the most up-to-date technology and carry a 12 month warranty, ensuring full customer satisfaction.

Bio Energy 1: A compact 27kW Thermobile waste oil heater, offering 1000m³/hr airflow and a removable 50L fuel tank. It produces a combination of radiant heat plus hot air from the top mounted 'THERMO' blower.

Bio Energy 2: A robust 41kW fixed space heater with a 55 litre fuel tank and an efficient axial fan, offering 3000m³/hr airflow.

Bio Energy 3: A large industrial waste oil heater, offering 59kW heat capacity, a 55 litre fuel tank and an efficient axial fan providing 3000m³/hr airflow.