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Sealey Diesel Heaters

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Sealey Space Warmer Diesel Heaters

Industrial space heaters that can run on diesel, paraffin or kerosene

Sealey Space Warmer diesel heaters are great value portable industrial space heaters, designed for heating large well-ventilated spaces quickly and efficiently.

The Sealey diesel space heater range includes the Sealey AB range of Space Warmer diesel heaters, as well as the IR range of diesel fuelled infrared heaters.

These industrial heaters can be fuelled using diesel, paraffin or kerosene and they are available in a range of sizes from 13kW to 63kW heat capacity.

They can be used in well-ventilated spaces such as workshops, garages and warehouses with large open shutter doors, as well as construction sites and for emergency heating. These units feature portable designs, internal fuel tanks which offer 8-14 hours running time, thermostat control and safety cut out features.

The AB heater range, including the Sealey AB1758 51kW heater, offer great airflows, to heat large spaces quickly and efficiently. The IR range, including the Sealey IR37 37kW diesel infrared heater, use infrared technology to heat surfaces, objects and people directly rather than the air – ideal for outdoor environments such as construction sites and yards.

Please note: Sealey diesel heaters are direct fired space heaters - they must only be used in outdoor / well-ventilated spaces. They must not be used in enclosed indoor spaces.